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Conjunctivitis is an eye disorder that disturbs a high number of people. But do you know that there are natural remedies for this eye disorder that’s extremely straightforward and not expensive? The following will introduce these natural remedies in the hope of giving folks some help to treat conjunctivitis.

Natural Remedies

So as to halt the spread of conjunctivitis, we should take the next natural measures: first, make sure our hands are clean before we touch our eyes, and try to avoid using hands to speak to our eyes. Second, keep our contacts clean and sterilize contact lenses. Third, our pillowcases will also play a part in conjunctivitis spreading, thus we will need to alter it every other day. Fourth, sharing eye makeup can also be a cause to disperse conjunctivitis, so make sure not to share them with our friends or family members and it’s far better to change eye makeup every two or three months. Besides avoiding sharing eye makeup, other items like handkerchiefs, washcloths, or towels are also illegal to share.

The following is a very simple but powerful treatment for conjunctivitis. If you want, you may have a try. Soak a clean washcloth in warm but not warm water, then close our eyes, and put the washcloth into our eyelids. So this manner, the moist warmth of washcloth will slow down the viruses spreading.

Besides the aforementioned treatments, we could even complement some common, natural, and inexpensive nutritional supplements to treat conjunctivitis.

Nutritional Supplements

5000 IU a day of Vitamin A will be valuable to treat conjunctivitis. This is found by Germany researchers in the early 1970’s. The researches show that individuals with conjunctivitis commonly don’t have sufficient Vitamin A. Though researches don’t reveal taking Vitamin A can cure conjunctivitis, it’s reasonable Vitamin A can be good for treating this eye disease since it is involved in membrane health through the body.

Vitamin C is also great for treating conjunctivitis. It’s much better to take 500mg one time and 2000mg per day (four times). Vitamin C plays a part in the collagen growth, which has the role of holding connective tissues to be able to maintain our eyes in position.

As an important cofactor of Vitamin A, zinc supplement may also help us to treat conjunctivitis. As we may know, zinc has the role of maintaining our immune system in great condition. Once people don’t have enough zinc in their own body, the use of immune system will be reduced and there’ll be insufficient white blood cells to fight against disease and damaged cells in the conjunctiva of our eye can’t be cleaned up in time. But please bear in mind zinc supplement cannot be taken more. It’s advised to take 30mg per day, and once we find the taste is poor, it’s time for us to quit taking it since it shows we’ve had enough in our own body.

Herbal compresses and eye drops

They will make people with conjunctivitis feel great. We can use herbs like eyebright, calendula, barberry, chamomile, goldenseal, and Oregon grape root. There’s an important thing that we must be certain that the herbs will need to cool before applying to our eyes that are closed, which can be compressed and sterilized in boiling water. And we could even use sterile herbal eye drops using eyebright inside to create our eyes feel nice and comfortable.