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Human skin cells are really remarkable. The skin isn’t only the biggest protective barrier of the body it’s also the single biggest excremental organ of the body filtering more in 1 day compared to the liver, kidneys, and lungs combined. For this very reason it’s crucial to tackle skin conditions when they appear and to not only deal with the surface but to also deal with the underlying causes too. The skin is also an indicator of the general health of the individual. If there’s an imbalance in the body the skin will often respond, for instance many ailments will lead to skin rashes, hormonal imbalance can lead to acne, allergies, chemical sensitivities and drug use can cause skin issues.


Often when the liver or the colon are compromised or diminished in some way, the skin will react with modifications also, this is the very reason that people with hepatitis frequently will experience jaundice, and why people with severe liver cirrhosis will frequently experience hives and can in rare instances even leak digestive bile from the pores of the skin and a number of their mucous membranes.

There are lots of potential skin conditions that a person can be influenced with, and of them, eczema and psoriasis are the two most frequent. Eczema can take on many forms and is generally linked to respiratory allergies, it may vary by the individual but it’s typically characterized by, itching, blisters, flaking and dryness. Eczema can be wide spread affecting all sections of the populace, women and men, children, and adults.

These conditions are treatable, and in fact in many cases curable, however the focus shouldn’t only be on treatment of the illness itself, but also on the underlying causes too. With herbal therapy and nutritional support relief can, in fact, be achieved.

Herbal Remedies

Among the most common and widely known plant remedies is Aloe Vera. Topical lotion or gel preparations are widely available, and work to sooth and protect while promoting healing. It works to decrease pain, swelling, itching and redness or irritation. It’s beneficial in wounds, ulcers, overall rashes and naturally burns, who does not know to place Aloe on a sun burn ?

Another plant remedy that’s quite helpful for a huge array of skin ailments is Calendula. Calendula is helpful for the promotion of healing both internally and externally and is particularly helpful in almost any condition effecting young kids, since it’s extremely soothing to the skin but is very gentle, which is important as children frequently have very sensitive skin. It has antiseptic properties which are helpful in these circumstances as diaper rash, cradle cap, and burns, and it’s also moisturizing to the skin and helps prevent scarring, which makes it very important to be used in almost any state effecting the face.


As always it’s important to exercise caution when using any range of medication whether conventional or botanical, always consult with a physician or certified herbalist before self treating, to guarantee a correct identification, also be mindful of any allergies, you would not wish to deal with a rash with something that your really allergic to, you might just be making the situation worse. In short, to guarantee success consistently use good judgment.