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Outer beauty is a key to success and now it’s the ultimate goal for both men and women and as Plato said”beauty is the greatness of fact”. As true as this is, it’s also true that we must use products that maintain our skin and outer beauty, but also highlight our inner peace and stability. The perfect beauty depends upon the equilibrium of the inner self, our thoughts and emotions. If somebody is continually in the stream of life, calmly and easy, then he’s understand his uniqueness.

Be careful!

Don’t fall into the trap of imitation products with all the ingredients that are hazardous, but look for these which activate your energy. Your body or face, rather than the one you saw from the TV that’s fake and trashy inside. You could get this out only once you adopt yourself with attachment and accept your own body.

You’ve got to be charming and joyful against everyday challenges. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Is like our third lunge, or the next mouth we’ve. Everyone can have a gorgeous, glowing and glistening skin regardless colour and age. Our thoughts and our feelings leave their imprints on our skin. We can quickly go dehydrated when we’re stressed or depressed. Remember, every wrinkle tells a story. .


Body care with aromas isn’t a recent approach. Essential oils are used for a vast array of health applications for thousand of years by the vast majority of the early civilizations. Essential oils are applied to the skin or inhaled. In medical aromatherapy they are encapsulated and are taken orally, or as suppositories.

Brain hormones are triggered by odor and so convey a message to the entire body. Simultaneously, the odor message affects the limbic brain heart that’s responsible for memory and emotions. No chemical odor can ever give this scentful magic.

The transdermal penetration is perhaps among the most significant applications of essential oils in sauna, massage and other relaxation treatments. Aromatherapy makeup are unique for each individual, supporting our skin, our feelings and our emotions in a way that nature knows best. Mother nature has the ability to heal us in more ways than we could imagine. Most importantly, we must adopt nature using a holistic approach. Nowadays we have the chance to find pure biological aromatherapy products or create our own.


A natural detoxification ought to be daily one.

      • Rosemary or Sage for acne-prone skin
      • Lemon for oily skin
      • Lavender for regular skin
      • Chamomile for sensitive or dry skin


Use Rosewater to tonify skin and choose the odor that chills you out and balance the ph of your skin. I.e. Rosewater using Neroli tonifies and moisturize your skin while at the exact same time calms you down.


Exfoliation is vital for caring and maintaining your skin.

      • Grape or lemon to oily skin
      • Calendula for routine skin
      • Rose for sensitive skin

Hydration – Anti-aging

      • Incense, Juniper, Lemongrass, Citrus, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine and Geranium

Body Care

Body care isn’t just about cleaning and hydration but it’s also offers longevity and wellness. Do not miss your extremes since they are your most vulnerable parts of your body.

No worry about which one you will select. Essential oils are similar to love, you know when you meet the one!