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Chelation Therapy was used during world war one by the British as a result of arsenic based poison gas used indescrimitively because war. An organic dithio compound was used to bond together with the arsenic in the blood and leaving the body through the liver and kidneys. This therapy allegedly had severe side effects.

What is Chelation Therapy?

During world war two the United States army used chelation therapy on researchers who obtained lead poisoning from paint used on navy vessels. EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid a pure amino acid) was used as the chelation agent. Later at the 1960’s the chelation agent of choice has been DMSA (Dimercaptosuccinic acid can also be known as succimer and is marketed under the brand name Chemet.) for treating arsenic, mercury and lead poisoning.

As with chelation agents and you will find lots of the underlying function and the final result is a chemical bond with metal ions in the blood making the ions less chemically active leading to a water-soluble solution that’s then obviously eliminated through the bloodstream.

Chelation therapy is now widely used in the treatment of toxic metal poisoning. EDTA chelation, which is USDA (United States Drug Administration), approved is the chelation agent most used by our healthcare industry.

Chelation therapy can be introduced to the body intramuscularly, orally, or intravenously.

As revealed chelation therapy is nothing new and has been used extensively throughout the world by several countries including U.S.A., Great Briton, and Russia (Soviet Union). Also conventional medicine has and continues to use chelation therapy albeit on a restricted basis.

Chelation Therapy and Alternative Medicine

I feel it’s fair to say that traditional medicine and alternative medicine have been at odds for decades for a variety of reasons and too many to mention here. Having stated that both sides of medication use chelation treatment, the difference is in the agent employed. Alternative medicine employs natural agents located in herbs, vitamins, minerals and natural sources. This includes EDTA, which is actually the normal FDA approved chelation agent used for treating lead, mercury, aluminum, and cadmium poisoning.

Of course there are no patents on naturally found agents like EDTA thus drug companies have little interest in promoting this sort of health procedure. EDTA is the chelation agent most frequently used by other medical professionals although there are quite a few different agents also used none of which are approved by the FDA.

Alternative medication uses chelation treatment for many different ailments but chiefly for treating cardio vascular disease most especially cleansing of arteries.

The U.S National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine is currently conducting a trial of efficacy regarding alternative medicine chelation agents and will be performed in 2009. The FDA and conventional medical institutions like the American Heart Association are inalterably opposed to the trial calling it”dangerous and dishonest”.

Another controversial use of chelation in the alternative medicine world is for treating kids with Autism. The concept is that heavy metals from the blood may inniate symptoms of Autism. Recently the alternative medicine community has suggested a link to Thiomersal a vaccine preservative, which comprises mercury as a potential if not likely’switch’ to igniting Autisim.

The conventional medical industry is quick to point out that there isn’t any scientific data to support the claims. Mercury is indisputably a heavy metal that creates havoc in the blood. Thimerosoal the mercury poisoning drug has been eliminated from’many’ childhood immunizations.

As you’d expect, the alternative medicine community cites positive testimonials from several parents with Autistic kids who have engaged in some type of chelation therapy. Conversely traditional medicine debunks the use of chelation therapy for healing Autism and points to two children dying because of hypocalemia and cardiac arrest after being administered chelation therapy.

Traditional critics also say that prolonged use of some chelation agents can lead to liver damage, kidney problems, blood pressure drops, and other health risks. However it is important to be aware that there’s not any mention of the dangers or side effects of prescription drugs and surgical procedures traditional medicine routinely use in treating patients.

Comparatively new to chelation treatment is its use for treating some cancers. Proclaimed by some as a last hope treatment, this is highly controversial and not without critics on both sides of the proverbial fence. There have been’positive reports’ of”miraculous” reductions in cancer cells and shrinkage of cancerous tumors in some patients.

No studies are conducted to legitimize those claims. The alternative medicine world relays heavily on personal testimonies from individual patients, whereby traditionalists conduct trials and studies often financed by drug companies or institutions with a vested interest in a positive outcome.

In Conclusion

The medical world has started a paradigm shift from conventional to alternative medicine. Chelation treatment has its pros and cons but it is now more then ever a viable alternative to surgery and standard drug prescriptions. Chelation treatment should only be administered by a licensed medical practitioner and only after a thorough physical. Before deciding on any method of treatment for any ailment it’s sensible to seek out an abundant quantity of information and points of view.

As a personal testimony, I have used oral chelation for several years as a kind of preventative medicine since heart disease is prevalent in my family, with no apparent side effects. In my view chelation therapy is an effect alternative to surgery and is an effective alternative in preventing cardiovascular disease by boosting your immune system and effectively cleanse the blood vessels.

Always use any’natural supplement’ in moderation and always consult a respectable accredited natural practitioner before implementing any natural supplement regiment. Additionally make sure to speak to your pharmacist regarding interactions with prescription drugs.