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A former Pfizer employee, Karen Kingston (former Pfizer employee and currently a medical device analyst for the pharmaceutical industries) confirms the presence of graphene oxide in Covid injections and their lethality.

Mainstream Media is lying

“It’s extremely difficult to find the information and connect it together, but I have a unique range of skills, that’s my job. In the sector, I analyze industrial property and the legal context, both for doctors, pharmas and consumers, and I am also a science writer. So, you can’t expect everyone to have these skills to find this information.

The reality is that mainstream media is lying to us, and Big Tech and social media are blocking the truth. This violates the First Amendment of our (US) Constitution.”

Graphene Oxide: A Trade Secret

Graphene oxide is not listed in the patent, because it is a trade secret.

graphene oxide

Question – So, tell us is graphene oxide in these injections?

Answer – 100% YES! I will show you that. What’s really important to know is that all mRNA vaccines contain what’s called a Pegylated lipid nanoparticle (PEG). That is what we are going to explain. If you look at Moderna’s patent, it says that it contains a composition of lipid nanoparticles, and as you go through the document it specifically talks about various Pegylated ingredients and formulations that have alpha numeric codes. You can also find them in the FDA filing, along with the InD (Investigational New Drug) in the Phase 3 trials of Pfizer and Moderna. You can also find them through the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) filing form.

So here’s the most important thing with the patent I read. There are 193 pages, plus attachments. I read the patent to find graphene oxide. It is not listed in the patent, because it is a trade secret. Do you remember B. Gates saying there was a trade secret? Trade secrets are not intended to be disclosed to the public. So they can’t be in the file. So graphene oxide is not in the patent. Everything is listed except that, but I will show you the proof that this contains graphene oxide in the patent filed in China.

A Poison for Humans?

Yes, Graphene oxide is a poison for humans.

Q – Let me just ask you: Why would they put all the other ingredients in the patent except graphene?

R – I would say the first reason is that it is a poison to humans. The other reason is that it is the main ingredient of the hydrogel, which is the liquid. It is the AI (artificial intelligence) model that is used for some research byElon Musc and B. Gates, regarding an interface between humans and the Internet.

Q – So there’s a legitimate theory that these injections are actually designed to create some kind of connectivity between humans, 5G or whatever it is to control your thoughts and memory. Are these realistic and plausible possibilities?

R – This is not possible at this stage. They rush to get this stuff out, they try to see how much they can inject into people before they die. I honestly think it’s a live dosage search. Those who die have: SEP, Guillain Barré, tremors, magnetism… remember that we are supposed to have reminders every 6 months, to see how many we can accumulate in this system. We’re going to see that because when you see the nations that are being injected, we (USA) are guinea pigs of this technology, I think there will be a second plan.


I’m not really comfortable talking to you about this kind of thing because I don’t like to give my opinion and make assumptions; I prefer to stick to the data. So if you look at the news about engineering and chemistry, there are journals of non-peer-reviewed research articles that we call RAAG (Resource Available After Graduation) in the sector, all industries have them. They’re actually the bigwigs in the industry, the big guys, and they brag about what they’re doing. But this article talks about nanoparticles (addition of PEG) that are in C19 vaccines.

There are 4 lipids:

  • The first is cholesterol, it is a less crucial element, it passes it into the blood.
  • Then there is a phospholipid that is there for the cell membranes, this allows permeability to enter the cell membranes.
  • There is an ionizable lipid which gives a positive ionic charge, to facilitate the penetration of mRNA into the cell.
  • Finally the Pegylated lipids. The reason they created is that mRNA is very unstable whether synthetic or zoonic, so that comes from an animal or a human. It is very unstable.

A temperature of 80°F (27°C) destroys it, sunlight destroys it, if you breathe on it it dies, researchers say all this, it rarely manages to cross the isothermal zone of a healthy individual, your saliva destroys it, it cannot survive on its own.

So he needed this biosphere that they created. That’s why we have these four lipids and then they add graphene oxide. So, what’s interesting about graphene oxide is that it’s 4,000 times stronger than Titanium and can withstand a temperature of 17,000°F (7700°C).
So they took this very unstable virus and made it indestructible. But the Pegylated lipid, if you look at “PEG” is made by a company called SinoPeg,which are based in China.

Good to know

Now, how did I find out about this? (hang on)

Well, if you take a look at Pfizer’s EUA (Emergency News Authorization), they cite the four lipids. They have two lipids, each of which contains four lipids. And there’s Moderna and Moderna called them, it’s called the MSDS safety data sheet. This is what they use for industrial products. There’s a CAS number and there’s the SM-102 for Moderna – and then if you go to Pfizer’s file in the UK, the numbers of the two lipids are there: A LC 0315 and ALC 0159.

So when I Googled: MSDS CAS, (don’t ask me how I know all this information), when I put some of these numbers, I found SinoPeg. But I didn’t find SinoPeg by searching for SinoPeg on Google. So I just put the MSDS number. And if you go to the website, you will see hundreds of alphanumeric names of these liquids. And you will see a tab on excipients for the Covid 19 vaccine. And we see: polyethylene glycol 2000. Here you will see, it is ALC 0159 and this company is based in China!

And then, if you take the Moderna patent, there are listed all the different polyethylenes: alcohol 200PEG, PEG 2000 and you will find them in the tab: excipients for Covid 19 of SinoPeg. So, it’s right there: it’s made in China.

Other Vaccines

There are other mRNA vaxxxs that are not sold in the USA, you can find these excipients here also with the CAS number you will look for in the MSDS safety data sheet.
So if you want to know what graphene is, what they explain about SinoPeg is that it is a central structure, functionalized by polyethylene, for polymer dielectric energy storage combined with mechanical and dielectric performance.

What this means is that graphene is a conductor – it can be a conductor of electricity. If graphene has a positive charge, it annihilates everything that comes into contact with it (this is in all studies of the NIH, Moderna, etc.). At this moment, they are not charged, they are just neutralized.

Q – How does a positive charge enter your cells?

A – It is the other lipid – the one that is ionizable – that gives the positive charge for cell penetration, but this is not currently the case. They are neutral. But if there is an electromagnetic field that activates positive charges, potentially, there will be damage and probably death, depending on where these nanoparticles will end up in people’s bodies and how much will be there. It is obvious to me that they lie to the whole world. They try to hide that, that’s the secret ingredient.

Q – LEAD Story, USA Today, all these publications that fact-check this program, it also seems to me that they are lying. We’ll see who’s involved in all of this, in a minute, because I’ll ask you, but… why do they use this?

A – Graphene oxide is a toxic substance, a poison. Why do they use it? Because it is a great conductor of electricity! And it can host a magnetic field, it can literally connect you to the Internet.

Q – OK, I just wanted to make sure it was clear, because I know you’re not comfortable giving your opinion. I just wanted to make sure that’s what he can do in practice.

Yes, I didn’t get the chance, but I could probably go to technical publications on AI and find more information on: how graphene oxide is a problem. The conclusion is that it is a poison! It annihilates everything that comes into contact with him if he has a positive charge. It’s toxic to humans, it shouldn’t be in there and it is!

Q – Who is behind it?

R – A company called Shanghai Nanotechnologies has filed a patent for graphene oxide for use in Covid 19 excipients. And they had a meeting at their headquarters, and I believe there’s Tal Zachs,the CTO of Moderna, and if you go to the WHO website, there’s a page where they explain that the whole world needs to work together on these Covid 19 vaccines. That was last year!
There are the usual suspects, such as Peter Daszak,other names of Moderna and several actors from the NIH and NIAID.

Q. – So there is a large group of billionaires and millionaires who are very coordinated for the development and execution of these products? So since you speak and confirm this, why when it comes to giving your opinion, tell me if you don’t feel like doing it, if for people like President Trump, Ron de Santis, Sean Hamity, what is their interest in it? How can they not be aware of this?

A – No,it’s impossible for them to know this kind of thing! Sorry! When I discovered this information, I didn’t know that a woman could cry as much as I cried.

Biological Weapons

So, I sent an email on May 26 to about thirty media with all the information summarizing that they were biological weapons, I even spoke to America’s Frontline Doctors,and after talking to them, some doctors continued to say that if you are under 30, you should get vaccinated. I called them and said, “But what are you doing?… They are biological weapons!!! You can’t say that!!!.”

The cognitive dissonance with the perversion and the diabolical nature of these injections makes it very difficult for people to understand, and we must also realize that during these 18 months when they were developed, anyone who said: eh, this virus is not so serious! was mocked, ridiculed, marginalized. Doctors have been threatened with having their licences revoked, so that the truth cannot come out. Anyone who questioned the speed of the marketing of these vaccines,their necessity, even FDA documents say: “We don’t think that people under 18 should be injected, we are worried about viral spread.”

No one, in good conscience, should have approved of this, but brainwashing is what Big Tech control wanted us to know as the truth. In comparison if your spouse cheats on you, your friends can tell you that he is cheating on you, that there are tons of evidence, you do not believe it! There, all your trusted advisors told you that this thing was safe. All the media tells you it’s safe, but if someone comes in and says, “No! It’s deadly! This is a planned genocide!” It’s impossible to believe it! You understand?

Q – Yes, it’s difficult, trying to determine what is true of what is not, what is missing, detecting information from the Deep State that is trying by all means to confuse us. I’m just trying to digest everything you say. I think of people in the media, I think of people who don’t realize that there are billions of lives at stake.
Or maybe it is, which is even worse, because it makes them accomplices who keep the situation going. I am thinking of all those to whom these injections are going to be imposed.

R – Finally, the labelling of vials is false and misleading because this thing is not a vaccine. There is no benefit to your health when you get injected. The only thing it can do is poison, injure, kill!