Fat man with big belly. Health problems. Obesity, a sick liver

According to some stats, nearly a third of people in the Western world are obese or overweight and the speed is increasing. This trend looks ongoing were people are only snacking their way to obesity, and it looks like it isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. We ask ourselves the question: Where does obesity come from? What’s the reason behind this, why is it almost an outbreak? There are lots of reasons for obesity although food is the primary cause.

About Society

There’s no denying that society itself has developed a weight problem and a few of the consequences are beginning to reveal themselves in the kind of many illnesses. Chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and whatever comes together is an open invitation by obesity. Not indicating everything was rosy in the 1960s but dwell styles were different. In our work related environment there’s always some type of system in place we’re using or being directed by; our body also functions on a system. Our body has an energy system that must at least be equivalent; this means your energy in equals out your energy. The energy going into your body are the calories you get from food and beverages. Energy going from your body, used for physical action. To maintain a healthy weight, your energy in and out must balance on average. This doesn’t mean it’s to balance daily exactly but it’s to on average. If there’s more energy going in daily, than going out means weight gain. More energy out than energy in over time means weight loss.

Losing Weight

The body has its system but it’s up to us how to make the most of it. Losing weight only comes down to burn off more calories than you take in. Quite simply eat less and exercise more. When it comes to snacking this may play a substantial role in how successful or unsuccessful you’re at losing weight.

Every family has one: The tv is a fantastic example in fattening individuals, by simply constantly reaching out for all those snacks of which are unhealthy, and the more television they see the fatter they get. In addition, it begins at a young age with marketing strategies aimed at kids being affected and exploited through advertising and packaging.


It can serve a purpose for a few. The intent of snacking is to take away the advantage of hunger between meals. As long as that is within reason and without exceeding your caloric needs daily. Appropriate snacking means consuming a small number of nourishment dense food to give your body energy to assist you get through the subsequent hour or two before your next meal. Snacking can have a benefit; sadly most do it wrongly or for the wrong reason. Snacking can begin through boredom, stress, anger, depression, frustration etc.. When snacking without appropriate intent it is more common to make bad decisions and use the wrong food.

Do it right and bite a couple of times during the day, between your most important meals and only when you’re hungry. You should select foods rich in proteins and / or fiber, as they often provide greater satiety, and also know about the amount. You might have noticed that dinner plates and containers have grown in size, and parts become larger through the years. Following misguided information about food for decades does not help the weight situation. Food consumed in the seventies was natural, which included natural fat which had nutrient value, and obesity wasn’t an issue than.

Health Ailments

Obesity is a concern since it’s the trigger point for many health ailments. The actual reason when it comes to weight gain which may result in diabetes and cardiovascular disease, are sugar, processed carbohydrates and processed foods generally. Back in the seventies health specialists told us anxiety and high blood pressure was the cause from salt; in some instances this is still considered today. High salt diets have little or no impact on blood pressure or cardiovascular disease. Salt isn’t the threat, sugars and fructose is, although “do not” use processed table salt. Fructose is the sugar found in everything from corn syrup, beverages and fruit juices, and many processed foods.

Obesity ages the liver

What that means is if you’re obese your liver will age faster than the rest of the body. If overweight or obesity is a problem you might want to focus to switch to a more liver-productive food. Change to fermented foods, several herbs, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel, cayenne, pepper, coriander, ginger, cumin etc..

This is where most individuals are having an issue. Uncontrollable cravings for food are hard to overcome. The digestive organs and stomach are already increased in size due to the above normal food intake that sends a message to the brain for more food. At this time that craving for food is stronger than your will power to say no.


What’s the answer, the way to get more will power? One way of accomplishing this is by reducing the cravings. The moment the cravings are gone you’re in charge of this circumstance. This is possible by taking a natural supplement or stimulation to suppress the craving for food; it will work.