Estratto di radice di ginseng e foglie di ginkgo biloba

Traditional Chinese Medicines are very popular now because people want a natural approach to treating their ailments. These are supplements which have been used for centuries with plenty of success. Each can be quite valuable to you, especially if you’re a chronic sufferer which hasn’t found any relief everywhere else, this might be a terrific solution for your problems.


Ginger is famous for being a remedy for indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, menstrual cramps, and flu-symptoms, just to list a couple of things that this may be utilized to help. This is a popular suggestion today for people to help treat nausea and may even help prevent heart disease, cancer, and a nutritional supplement for arthritis.


Ginseng is just another well-known supplement on the market today. This is popular as an immune boosting supplement and has been added to a beverages available on the market.


Also called salvia miltiorrhiza, this supplement is a popular choice for assisting you to your heart and circulatory health. It is a popular option in China for this function.

Bacche di Goji

This is really a rising star on the industry today of supplements. It has shown some promise in assisting conditions like inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases, in addition to helping against vision-related difficulties. It also has properties which could protect against cancer and having neuroprotective properties.


This supplement has shown some promise in preventing, convulsions and epilepsy. There are still studies being conducted on this medicine to demonstrate how effective it truly is.

Ginkgo Biloba

This is a nutritional supplement that you’re most likely familiar with these days, as it looks like a leading ingredient in several all-natural supplements on the market. It can be associated with assisting a variety conditions like memory loss, dementia, and anxiety.

White Mulberry

This berry was shown to have anti-diabetic properties since it can decrease the level of blood glucose levels. It may also benefit heart health and contains inflammatory properties.

Ziziphus Jujuba

There are a few different applications for this fruit in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can help aid digestion in addition to being a painkiller or sedative. It can help with anxiety, with some studies showing it is equally as successful as some anti-anxiety medicines on the market.

Cranio cinese

This supplement has shown promise in assisting with cognitive and cardiovascular health. It may also assist with longevity and contains flavonoid compounds.

Thunder God Vine

When used correctly, this plant can help with arthritis, reduce joint swelling, and relieve pain. It could have some nasty side effects when it had been used improperly.

Sweet Wormwood

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, sweet wormwood was considered to help treat symptoms such as fever, dizziness, headaches, as well as other problems. It may also be used to treat malaria.

Chinese Hawthorn

This is a berry which may be used to aid with your heart health. It may also help help control lipid levels.