Delicate leaves of fresh green dill in a garden bed. growing aromatic herbs, condiments and organic vegetables

Now you’ve made the choice to plant your own French Herb Garden, it’s time to collect your tools up and be prepared for some interesting information which can enable you to make a start.

French Herbs

Obviously you will first have to choose which French herbs you want to grow. The best idea is to just plant those that you would like to use – it’s no great planting a whole slew of different ones if they won’t be of use for you. Each herb is going to have different use, which means you should only grow those that will fit in with your long term plan for them.

You could be an avid chef and would like to grow herbs for the kitchen. You might be interested in herbal remedies and need to use your herbs for preparing your own medicinal infusions. Or you might choose to use them for odor and decorative purposes. There is an abundance of applications for French herbs and it might be that you may use them for all the above.

List of French herbs

      • Erba cipollina
      • Maggiorana
      • Saporito d'estate
      • Tarragona
      • Lavanda
      • Salato d'inverno
      • Bay
      • Cerfoglio

You can also consist of other different French herbs in your garden to add color and variety also some people even prefer to plant flowers and shrubs or maybe a couple of salad leaves to add a little interest.

Luce solare

Most French blossoms would prefer a spot in your backyard that benefits from a great deal of sunlight, so choose your planting place carefully. Another thing to be taken under account before you plant your herb garden is advantage. If you’re an aspiring chef and wish to use your herbs in the kitchen, it’s a fantastic idea to have your backyard somewhere close to the kitchen door. You only have to go out of your door and pick some fresh herbs to flavour your dishes.

However, if your herb garden is largely for aesthetic and aromatherapy use, then plant someplace that you will visit regularly and brush against the plants as you wander through the garden. The odor will be a delight.

Potting Herbs

If you don’t have a enormous backyard you could plant your herbs in pots and put them on a sunny balcony or patio. If you’ve got the space to plant a’secret’ garden of herbs to your own delight, find a comfy chair to put beside some gorgeous kinds of lavender and breathe in the relaxing aroma from this herb. Make sure the plants have sufficient space to spread their roots so that they have the best chance of healthy growth. When you water them, encourage their roots to spread by watering a little bit away from the plant.


Each kind of herb will have its own requirements concerning the sort of soil they want, how much water they need and how much sunlight is best. So, do a little research before planting to be certain each herb is being put in its preferred place to give it a better opportunity to achieve optimum, healthful growth.