Girl shows holding and pushing the skin of the legs cellulite, orange peel. Treatment and disposal of excess weight, the deposition of subcutaneous fat tissue

The cellulite massage is done that help reducing the general cellulite characteristics from the body. If the massage is done orderly, it will help dissolving the fatty layers beneath the skin which contribute to cellulite condition. However, cellulite massage may do cellulite reduction but it can’t be regarded as the cure for any skin condition. To make therapy more effective, cellulite massage can be combined with specific diet plan together with regular physical exercise such as physical exercises.

Cellulite Massage

The massage for cellulite reduces and eliminates cellulite tissues. The technique requires the mixture of rubbing, kneading and twisting the cellulite affected areas over the entire body. Once these areas are warm and stimulated enough, the fatty and undesirable toxic substances become dissolved and then they enter the lymphatic system. Performing cellulite massage perfectly can raise the blood flow locally (within the region where cellulite producing cells are found). Profound massaging will enhance blood flow and will also generate the heat locally. This whole procedure is likely to make cellulite cells to get loosen and then molten cells are taken away in the localized area.

How Long It Takes?

Cellulite massage makes cellulite cells softer and fades over a time period. It can also bring about the countless soft tissues, which can be in the body, being smoothed. Massage with certain strokes helps reducing or even eliminating the extra fluid that causes cellulite. Extra fluid retention is frequently caused by poor lymphatic and/or blood flow. This will again allow fibers to thicken and then they eventually bind with the great number of collagen fibers. These fibers operate across the cells in the body just underneath the skin leading to a enormous number of thick strands which will push on the fat. Pushing fats upward will bulge skin and concurrently orange peel look is what we see as cellulite.

Today, the majority of the health spas throughout the world include the cellulite massage in their list of providers. Apart from manual massaging the affected region, cellulite massage can also combine the use of particular rollers which are the sections of specific anti-cellulite equipment which may be rolled over the skin of these larger areas on the body. For many cellulite equipments that the massage can be augmented with a few vibrations in order that ‘shaking skin’ can result into cellulite loss.

Oli essenziali

Cellulite massage contains medicated essential oils and other ingredients. They are especially chosen for the treatment and contain properties which stimulate the skin, skin cells and the fatty tissues beneath the skin. Many times oils which contain potent herbs which have natural anti-obesity properties like lavender and peppermint are used. Such herbs stimulate the fatty tissues and thus help to break-down the whole cellulite string that involves connective tissues and adipose tissues.

Other ingredients which are popular for cellulite massage are the herbs and other organic products such as seaweed, Terminalia, Holy basil, hoodia, Indian gooseberry, Garcinia etc. because they all are demonstrated to be quite effective fighting cellulite.

Here’s a simple massage technique

      • Apply cellulite reducing gel or cream onto affected areas so the hands glide on without difficulty.
      • Start the massage in the bottom point going upwards towards the center.
      • One should apply gentle pressure to the skin and alternative those moves
      • You can go for long sweeping strokes using the knuckles, fingers or palm of the hand. Circular the movement again using palm as mentioned previously.
      • The motion is shifted to the kneading. This is done grasping affected skin with a thumb and fingers. Massage it in circular motion
      • You should then pinch the skin gently between a thumb and fingers. Pull skin little bit away from the body.