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Acne, nobody wants to see this on their face, or anywhere else. The word by itself elicits a sense of frustration and dread, and the question of whether stick with your acne medicine or to try a natural acne remedy may be a stressful debate also.

Cosa fare?

However, there are lots of people who do select harsh chemicals and pharmaceutical drugs with unknown and harmful side effects to attempt and cure their acne. When undecided about using pharmaceuticals, chemicals and even over the counter products vs. a natural acne remedy, you might want to consider the following list of exactly what these harmful chemicals can perform:

      • Some compounds in topical acne medications can bleach out the skin, causing it to become very brittle. This bleach also impacts the hairline and eyebrows, causing them to fade out and look odd. Sometimes, this bleach may cause the skin to become so frail that tiny rips begin to form in the skin’s outer layer, and such rips stretch out over time, becoming more and more visible.
      • Some compounds can over dry skin causing severe irritation and this dryness may result in low collagen growth in the skin that may result in volume loss, and wrinkles, causing the consumer to look older than they are.
      • Some pharmaceutical medications which are utilized in the treatment of acne have severe side effects. (Just read the warning label on the container!)
      • Some medications can lead to damage to your teeth, and may even sometimes turn them green!
      • Other medications can result in a harmful yeast-based fungus to begin growing on your body, because of the fact that the medicine wipes out all types of germs on your body’s system, even the good kind. Without the bacteria that are good, this yeast will grow and cause extremely painful damage to your mouth and esophagus. It may also cause you to come up with a rash on your skin that’s far worse than any acne.
      • Some medications may also cause irreversible damage to your liver and other internal organs, and have been found to prevent some women from having children.

It’s because of these concerns that people are beginning to experiment with natural remedies for their acne prone skin. Has this convinced you to try out a natural acne remedy yet?

Trattamento naturale

There are lots of acne facial treatment products (in addition to body acne treatment products) out from the market claiming they treat or control acne. But with the growing concern over the harsh substances in these items, many acne suffers are searching for organic ingredients in their products. But, what would be the best acne solutions?

Back in prior times, natural products were smelly and not very user-friendly. Today’s organic and secure products are more attractive; both in smell and in function also. Many times, you can’t tell the difference between a natural product and one which contains nonorganic substances. There are soaps which have natural botanical ingredients which have natural astringent properties, such as tea tree oil as well as the extracts of orange peel. Some products contain ingredients such as honey and bee’s wax, which have natural antibiotic skills, to look after infections that acne may cause. Some use calming products such as chamomile and oatmeal to calm the irritation and redness that many acne sufferers complain about.

Many people wonder if a natural acne remedy is effective, as there are no harsh chemicals involved. The answer is an emphatic yes, but you have to understand that healing your acne isn’t a 1 stop, 1 product, and one method kind of scenario. Your acne will need more than 1 step to be totally cured, to where it won’t return in a month’s time. It will take a combination of goods, the ideal diet, and a couple of regimens to receive your skin looking healthy and clear.