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Because prevention is the best way to protect your skin from the scarring associated with severe acne, many dermatologists recommend that controlling problematic acne through diet, regular cleansing procedures, and herbal remedies, is the very best means to combat the tendencies of skin that’s prone to acne and acne-related discoloration.

Trattamento naturale

      • Treatments which accentuate the regulation of daily habits having to do with diet, physical exercise, mood management, and other activities, are called holistic treatments. Holistic treatments often include herbal remedies.
      • Black currant seed oil three times per day for three months or until acne is diminished.
      • Evening primrose oil three times per day for three months or until acne is diminished.
      • Teas made from a blend of echinacea, tea tree oil, goldenseal, nettles, or calendula.
      • Teas made from lavender or chamomile, to reduce acne-causing stress.
      • Chinese herbs like cnidium seed and honeysuckle blossom.
      • Teas made from cumin, coriander, and fennel, steeped for 10 minutes in warm water and consumed three times per day after meals.

Dieta sana

Some alternative medicine practitioners advocate using diet as a means to fight acne and acne-related scarring. These practitioners think that diets high in beta-carotene help to decrease the factors that lead to severe acne. Arancione and yellow foods like carrots, pumpkin, and cantaloupe are loaded with beta-carotene and must be a normal part of the diet of anyone suffering from acne and discoloration.

Another dietary recommendation for acne-sufferers would be to consume lots of bland foods like rice, oatmeal, brown grains, and applesauce. These foods should be eaten rather than spicy foods and fried foods, which are considered by some professionals to stimulate the glands and hormones which aggravate acne conditions.


A daily practice of yoga is usually recommended as a means to boost the circulation of blood into the face. This helps to flush toxins that are malic and also to supply your facial skin using natural nutrients that help decrease the formation of acne and to heal scar tissue.

People who suffer with acne should also be careful to execute some simple daily rituals that may help reduce the incidence of acne and scarring.

Dermatologists and alternative medicine

These practitioners indicate that acne-sufferers should wash the area twice daily with mild soap. Washing should be mild. Scrubbing or grating the skin is only going to aggravate the condition and cause scarring.

Hair should be washed thoroughly and frequently and must be kept away from the face and shoulders. Acne sufferers should also avoid shaving as much as you can. When shaving, take care not to run the blade over blemishes. Always use a new blade in order not to spread disease.

Avoid wearing make-up and facial makeup. If you have to, be careful to use make-up that’s hypoallergenic. To be able to avoid scarring, don’t squeeze or pop pimples. Popping and squeezing pimples is tempting, but could easily lead to infection and the growth of scar tissue that is unwanted.