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Be conscious of any dry scalp treatments which don’t list their ingredients. Or worse yet, look to determine whether they record Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate. While SLS is in many medicated shampoos, it’s also an ingredient in the majority of automotive engine degreasers. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate has been demonstrated to improve skin aging, inhibit follicle growth and recovery, and much more. Still it’s an ingredient in about 90 percent of medicated shampoos found on the shelf in the neighborhood shopping store.


Some organic dry scalp treatments include jojoba and tea tree oil, but they may also be applied to the scalp in their normal form. Saving you money also. Jojoba and tea tree oil are just two ingredients which may be used from the dozens and dozens of natural ingredients that will work so much better than a commercially produced product. Much safer too. Remember about the Sodium Lauryl Sulphate additive? Natural remedies are much safer to use than let us say… engine degreasers.

Most of my dry scalp treatments are composed of items you probably already have in your kitchen. If not, then they are available at one of these organic food shops or even your normal grocery store. Some you might want to special order, based upon your condition, but none of them are extremely costly. The components should last you a long time because the majority of these remedies only need small amounts of a specific ingredient. Plus each recipe requires different amounts of components and a few recipes call for different ingredients all together. Each state of dry scalp is treated differently inside its symptoms and will be customized to every individuals biological effectiveness. Sounds like plenty of work but the results are unsurpassed by any mass produced mix available.

Le cause

Dry scalp can result from a number of factors like environmental conditions, diet, hormones, overuse of medicinal shampoos, weather, or stress and is characterized by itching, flaking and occasionally increased hair loss. The chronic dandruff main biological trigger is usually linked to Malassezia Yeast, a naturally occurring form of fungus. The fungus requires fat to grow, and that’s what your sebaceous glands produce. Sebaceous glands are located at the top area of the body. Including your scalp. When the fungus grows too quickly from feeding on the sebaceous glands secretions, the natural renewal of skin cells is disrupted and dandruff appears along with increased itchiness. There are natural remedies to rid yourself of this issue.

A dry scalp not only makes your scalp itchy and flaky but also makes your hair look dry. While many things may trigger a dry scalp, it’s essentially caused by the absence of secretion of the sebaceous glands in the scalp. While this situation is the complete reverse of the Malassezia Yeast growing too fast, you will still be itching your mind and more than likely signs of dandruff will be current. It could be perplexing how two completely opposite causes may have similar effects, but neither problem is without natural therapy.

Many Options

There are a variety of dry scalp remedies that may enable you to eliminate the issue of dry scalp. All available from a dermatologist, over the counter at the drug store, or on your own kitchen cabinet. The ingredients found in your home or in the grocery store will help combat Seborrhoeic dermatitis, Scalp psoriasis, Fungal disease, as well as Head lice. All just as effective or more effective than the normal store bought in a jar stuff.

These dry scalp remedies might not be on the shelf for hundreds of dollars, but I guarantee you they’ll get the job done exactly the same if not better. Natural is always better for you than compounds or altered substances. Not only for your scalp and hair, but with just about anything else you come in contact with. Consider food for instance. Or household cleaners. Natural is always safer for individuals. Sometimes surprisingly more effective also.


Dry scalp treatments work well at moisturizing and moisturizing the itching scalp. When properly mixed together and applied, there’s virtually no condition which can not be improved or cured. Most dry scalp problems are caused by just 1 thing. Each individual will most likely have a slightly different trigger, followed by another yet suitable therapy.