A close-up image of Feverfew flowers.

For many years I have suffered from the pain and sometimes debilitating effects of migraine headaches. Often, they last for many days. At one stage, there wasn’t a day that would go by without my having a headache of some type. Dealing with this daily pain made it tough to live a happy and productive life.

What now?

Finally, I got tired of spending so much time feeling awful. I became diligent about finding a way to heal my affliction. My primary care physicians could just hand me prescriptions. There was no guidance for preventing the headaches from happening in the first location.

Out of despair, I had myself tested for allergies. Low and behold, it was found that I have an allergy to both dogs, the pride and joy of my kids. I also discovered that I am allergic to dairy products and eggs. To attempt and resolve the issue of the pet allergies, we bought air purifiers and put them around the home. Luckily, the situation improved considerably. I don’t know how I would have confronted my kids with the information that we had to give up our cherished pets. Luckily, that confrontation did not have to occur.


The next change I made was to remove dairy products and eggs from my diet. This was catchy as eggs and dairy products seem in so many foods. So, basically, I had to cut out processed foods also.

It was kind of like magic. The nagging nasal congestion I had been afflicted with since I was 9 years old lifted and I could breathe normally once again. Plus, I saw an immediate drop of approximately 90 percent in the frequency of migraine headaches.

Eliminating these foods in my diet has made it easier for me to pinpoint activates once I do get headaches. Since I’ve sensitivity to so many additives and foods, it helps to become aware of what I want to avoid.

Additionally, I found that there are very effective remedies for migraine which are accessible through use of alternative medicine. I am determined to get rid of the prescription drugs I am sometimes forced to take to be able to alleviate my migraine headaches.

Holistic Treatment

To guide me on this trip, I had to find a excellent holistic doctor. It was a painstaking search as great alternative medicine doctors aren’t always easy to discover. You might want to do some legwork but do not get discouraged. Good holistic physicians are out there and their numbers are growing. In the long run, my diligence paid off. I was able to discover a capable, knowledgeable, compassionate holistic physician.

My doctor made these recommendations to me and I’d love to share them with you as I’ve found them to be quite powerful.


A folk remedy for migraine for centuries, various studies have shown that its use can significantly reduce the frequency of migraines. Although research results have been mixed, I’ve found it effective. Additionally it is true that in traditional medicine, not all treatments are effective for many people. You want to be diligent about finding what works well for you. Check with a holistic doctor before taking feverfew as it might interact with other medications. Plus, if you have allergies to achillea, ragweed or chamomile, feverfew might not be perfect for you.

5-Hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP)

Helps us to produce serotonin and melatonin. Derived from the seeds of the African plant, Griffonia simplicifolia, studies have shown it capable of reducing the frequency and severity of migraines by affecting serotonin levels in the brain.


Required to help our bodies with over 300 biochemical reactions, magnesium is a mineral that is found in leafy greens, seeds, whole grains and nuts. Our bodies need it for immune function, regular heart rhythm, bone health, blood pressure, nerve and muscle function and blood glucose regulation. Studies have shown it to be quite promising in the relief of migraine headaches. However, a qualified holistic MD can make recommendations regarding its dosing and interactions with other medicines.


Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t straightforward. But, the rewards are priceless. I feel healthier and suffer less now I have a handle on my migraine headaches.