Shea butter and nuts in bowl

Everyone knows what cocoa butter lotion is and the power it has to minimize and protect against stretch marks, but few people know of it’s close relative: shea butter cream. Shea butter lotion is a frequent product used throughout the makeup sector, particularly in moisturizing creams.

Burro di karité

As a finished product it’s yellowish in tint exactly like cocoa butter, however it’s derived from the African shea tree. Chocolate firms actually use shea butter for chocolate occasionally rather than cocoa butter!

It’s an intricate procedure to choose the raw shea tree seeds and turn them into a rich-textured shea butter lotion which we can use everyday to avoid stretch marks. Because shea trees are most commonly found in Africa, most this awesome product is still manufactured in Africa.

How It’s Produced

First, the seeds have to be separated from the tree and cracked open. The girls of tribes gather around in circles and crack the seeds upon stones. Traditionally, shea butter lotion is created by the women of African tribes.

After the shea nuts are extracted from the seeds, then the girls should crush the nuts into a powderlike state. It’s very challenging work, and a mortar and pestle is used as a way to crush the nuts. It typically takes hours to complete crushing the nuts to get them ready for the roasting process.

Large pots are then installed over wood fires, and the girls pour the crushed shea nuts out of the mortars to the pots. If the women do not maintain the pots stirred constantly, the crushed nuts will burn off and the entire pot is going to be ruined. This work is done outdoors in the open African sunshine, so it’s very hot and grueling work. Once the shea butter lotion is hot and thick, they can move to another step.

The pot of roasted nuts is then ground to a lotion that’s significantly smoother. As they grind the nutsthey add water and blend it by hand to give it an extra creamy texture. The next step is to place the glue into large baths and add even more water. This is essential so as to separate the oils. They float to the surface of the water and are scooped out.

By now, the shea butter lotion appears like the end product, but there are two steps . It has to be boiled to remove any residual water, then hardened in a cool, dry location. After this is completed, it will become shea butter lotion and is about to deal with stretch marks worldwide!

Stretch Mark Remedy

Due to its incredible cleansing power, shea butter lotion is used as a means to prevent stretch marks and virtually create present stretch marks invisible. Most of our stretch marks are a lot darker than our skin tone, so that they stand out and look very nasty. Because stretch marks are tears at the next layer of skin, there isn’t anything that can make them completely disappear, but shea butter lotion has been demonstrated to turn dark, purpleish red stretch marks into smaller stretch marks that match your skin tone. This makes them almost invisible and provides you with a excellent self-confidence boost.

To be able to use this item, just have a little and rub it in a circular motion over your problem areas. Do this once in the morning, and once in the evening, and after a couple weeks you’ll notice a critical improvement on your skin tone.

Altri usi

Besides being used to moisturize skin and protect against stretch marks, shea butter has many traditional uses. In Africa, it’s used as cooking oil, for candles, hairdressing, and even as an ingredient in medicine. Interestingly enough it’s also utilized to moisturize wood so African instrument manufacturers can use it for djembes, gourds, and marimbas.

In the industrial sector, shea butter lotion dominates the cosmetics industry as an ingredient in moisturizers, emulsifiers, and hair sprays. However, it is most famous usage (and my personal favorite!) Is its extreme effectiveness in preventing stretch marks, in addition to lessening the appearance of already existing stretch marks.