Radice fresca cinese di dang gui, angelica sinensis, medicina tradizionale a base di erbe

What Is Dong Quai?

Dong quai, also called Angelica sinensis, is a herb from the celery family native to Japan, Korea and China. Its root is dried for use in traditional Chinese medicine.

Dong Quai Extract Benefits


It may be utilised as a mild sedative. This beneficial plant is thought to sooth nerves and help people relax. In traditional Chinese medicine, it’s also utilized to assist the uterus during childbirth.


This perennial herb has blood toning and nourishing effects. Dong quai promotes blood flow, as a result of its rich content of minerals and vitamins. It may be used to replenish red blood cells after surgery or injuries, and is contained in almost all Chinese herbal formulations for blood building.


This herb is effective in treating gynecological ailments. It enjoys the reputation as the ‘female ginseng’ and the ‘greatest herb for female’, owing to its balancing effects on female hormones. It’s believed to balance the estrogen levels, which fluctuate and cause unpleasant symptoms of menopausal women. Additionally, it is effective in relieving PMS, controlling abnormal bleeding and balancing the menstrual cycle.


It helps treat cardiovascular disorders like hypertension and circulatory issues. One study linked this plant to improvements in cardiovascular disease. Researchers found that a mixture of dong quai, Asian ginseng and astragalus helped reduce chest pain in people with heart disease.

Proper Dosage

When you purchase dong quai extract in pill, tablet or capsule forms, it’s important to follow the instructions on the package.

As a general advice, once you’re taking root extract liquid, take no more than 3-15 g. However, if it’s used as part of a mix of herbs, 75 -500 or is the suitable dose range.

Potential Side Effects

      • Refrain from dong quai is you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
      • This herb may increase individuals ‘s sensitivity to ultraviolet rays.
      • It may interact with other medications. Consult with your physician if you are contemplating mixing it with other medications.

Supplements For Women

With its growing popularity in the western states, now you can find dong quai in a variety of forms, such as capsule, liquid extract and raw origin. As dong quai is almost always blended with other herbs, taking a complex herbal supplement is the most dynamic way to enjoy dong quai extract benefits.

There are nutritional supplements that combine this awesome plant along with other powerful herbs to reduce menopause symptoms and equilibrium haywire hormones. You may even get multivitamin/minerals with helpful herbs to boost the general female well-being.