Young caucasian woman pouring freshly brewed green tea from glass pot into beautiful vintage porcelain cup at kithcen counter. Autumn tea time concept

Tea has been appreciated for centuries so it’s no surprise that there are as many distinct kinds of teas since there are states – and then some!Tea is created in several countries with China and Japan being among the most recognized. However it has also been produced for centuries in India, Taiwan, Ceylon, Africa as well as the U.S.

Around The World

China is in charge of a great many of the teas both black and green in which the high elevations and climactic conditions are fantastic for tea growing. However, the labour intensive nature of developing tea that’s mainly hand harvested can make it tough to say the least. One popular tea from China is named Dragon Well and contains flat, shiny leaves. It has a nutty taste and has been consumed there for centuries but today is appreciated around the planet. Gelsomino Balls is another popular variety from China, called or the manufacturing process where the leaves are rolled into balls and surrounded by Jasmine blossoms.

Among the most common Great Britain teas, Keemun tea has been a staple there for over 150 years, but really has roots in China. Today, however it’s more popular with the Brits than in it’s own home country. When it comes to different kinds of teas, Japan has the maximum production since it could yield 1500 pounds per acre. However, because most of the tea produced there’s also consumed there it may not seem as though they have high production prices. Most of the tea is grown in the Shizuoka area and about 98 percent of it remains in the nation.

Among the most popular teas is Sench, a green tea variety, which can be served across the nation and is popular in many restaurants and can also be bought in most stores for consumption in the home. Another popular tea, Gyokuro, is very high in caffeine. Matcha is a really nice tea – almost like a powder in consistency and was once reserved for desserts but has become consumed anytime somebody wants a nice cup of tea.

India is another significant producer with, possibly, the most popular teas both in it’s own country and overseas. In actuality, their tea is so popular that at times demand exceeds supply. This has forced India to import teas from Vietnam, Indonesia and Kenya to combine with their grown tea. They are famed for dozens of different sorts of tea, but maybe the most well known is Darjeeling tea.

It would not be fair to discuss different kinds of teas without mentioning a few of the herbal teas that really are not “true” tea whatsoever since they don’t come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Be that as it may, people still love to drink Red Rooibos tea that comes from South Africa as wells Yerba Mate tea that hails from South America. And remember about herbal teas – too many to mention here but, in actuality, just about any plant or plant can be dried and steeped in hot water to make a delicious and healing tea.