Men with joint pain in the arm

Gout home remedies are a highly popular topic for debate nowadays with the rising tendency of gout cases being diagnosed. Many people shy away from gout treatment choices which involve physician prescribed medications and prefer to choose the more natural treatment strategy through using gout home remedies instead. It looks like every gout sufferer has a tale to tell of some gout home remedies they’ve heard about or tried that worked wonders in relieving the significant variable of what causes gout, specifically the build up of uric acid in the body.

The Wonders of Fish Oil

According to the gout home remedy, eating cold water fish like cod, herring, sardines, salmon, and mackerel to acquire the important omega 3 vitamins that are excellent in helping to reduce joint or tendon inflammation due to gout. If you hate to eat fish, then an option is to take fish oil capsules.


Quercitin is what is called a natural anti-inflammatory drug that could be used to reduce the pain caused by gout. In this home remedy you will need to eat a lot of foods high in Quercitin such as capers, tomatoes, apples, green berries and vegetables. Just like fish oil, Quercitin does come in a capsule form that’s available from most health food shops.

Pepe di Caienna

Well known for having many health benefits, Cayenne Pepper is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation due to gout. Most gout home remedies advocate developing a topical solution by mixing the Cayenne Pepper with some vinegar, boiling it and then once trendy, dabbing it on the affected area.

Turmeric powder

Turmeric is a spice used by the peoples of China and India to help reduce inflammation pain brought on by diseases like gout. Simply adding the spice into your normal food is supposed to extend the anti-inflammatory advantages to your body.

Epsom Salt

Soaking in dissolved Epsom salt to help treat infections has been a really popular home remedy, so it should come as no great surprise that it could be a portion of the gout home remedies collection. Epsom salt has a very unique ability to be able to not only decrease the swelling of the area of the body that’s being immersed in the solution, but also supply the whole body with a feeling of relaxation.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Due to their very large health benefits, green leafy vegetables deserve to be mentioned again when talking gout home remedies. Besides being a source of Quercitin, these vegetable contain a number of other important healing agents such as flavonoids, various minerals and vitamins.

Vitamina C

Long respected for its incredible health benefits, Vitamin C has been a really important part of most gout home remedies. Vitamin C helps prevent the elevated uric acid levels in the body that lead to the formation of uric acid crystal in tendons and joints. Vitamin C isn’t hard to obtain because it’s found naturally in many common vegetables and fruits.


Recently cherries have gained wide spread recognition in the majority of gout home remedies literature because of their role in helping to fix many common ailments and stave off aging. Rich in both Vitamin C in addition to antioxidants, cherries play a prominent role in any gout home remedies treatment program.


Potassium has the advantage of actually helping to reduce gout from happening by helping to moisturize uric acid so it will be passed from the body more efficiently, thereby lowering the amount of uric acid in the bloodstream and decreasing the odds of any uric acid crystals amassing in tendons and joints. This makes potassium a very desirable part of your gout home remedies collection of components.

Succo di lime

Lime juice has the special property of having the ability to dissolve the uric acid crystals within the body until they can build up to harmful levels leading to gout symptoms. This leaves lime juice a very essential ingredient in the majority of gout home remedies, in addition to the fact that lime juice is quite inexpensive and easy to obtain.

Artiglio del diavolo

Devil’s Claw is an herb that’s native to parts of Africa and is very famous in holistic circles because of its many health benefits, such as gout. Devil’s Claw includes chemicals which work to reduce inflammation, swelling, and pain associated with gout.


Water, “the miracle material” seems to be great for most everything related to good health, such as gout. This makes it a vital component in almost all gout home remedies. It helps the body remove excess uric acid before dangerous levels occur in the blood and water also acts as a naturally occurring antidote for several other health problems by eliminating body wastes.