Attractive girl wearing straw hat and blue denim dungarees relaxing near bouquets of aromatic wildflowers on wooden old summerhouse wall on sunny day.

Herb gardening isn’t difficult as long as you follow a few basic rules. Once you understand the rules you need to have the ability to begin an herb garden in your backyard. By the time your garden is in full bloom you will realize exactly how rewarding it is to grow your own herbs.

Farlo nel modo giusto

Most individuals do not understand how easy it’s to grow the plants or how much they will get out of their job both in create and enjoyment. Growing a garden is quite relaxing when done properly and so you may realize unexpected health benefits. You will discover that if done properly you’ll have ample produce throughout the growing season in addition to lots to harvest in the Fall. All it takes is a little loose soil, sunlight and a some water now and then.

You will see that your plants will grow in prosperity so you’ll have to educate yourself as to the amount of growth you can expect from the herbs you have opted to grow so they don’t become unmanageable. That means you’ll have to plant the seeds far enough apart so they’ll have space to grow. As they grow they will have to be trimmed occasionally, which is exactly what you want as you’ll be using them once you season you meals. When you do trim them be sure that you don’t cut too much at a time. If you don’t require any more than 1/3 in a time your plant should do just fine.


The soil doesn’t need to be rich in nutrients as long as it is loose and will allow water to seep down to the ground away from the plants. Your plants will need to be moist but not overly so. If the roots are too moist they’ll have a tendency to rot, so you need to be careful once you water them. Needless to say, it is hard to control the amount of rain you get but if your soil is loose, as indicated, the water must seep down to the ground away from the plants.

Regarding sunshine, some herbs need more than others. There again it will depend on the crops you have selected. Some will succeed in direct sunshine all day and others are going to need some shade.

Some crops can with stand cooler temperatures better than others so you’ll have to take a look at the particular herbs that you have opted to grow to discover which ones are hardy enough for the cooler weather.

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You may want to consider planting the seeds within your home in late Winter or early Spring afterward when the floor is ready you can transplant the seedlings out in the lawn. This manner you can have greater control of your backyard and you’ll enjoy a very long season.


As you can see there really isn’t much involved when you grow an herb garden and the benefits are multiple. All you will need to do is determine which ones you wish to raise and start an herb garden.