Versare il tè rosso pronto dal bollitore di ferro nella teiera

Chinese green tea has existed for a recorded three million years, and has been providing folks with amazing flavor and lots of health benefits. . .long before they even knew what most were!

Medicina cinese

In Chinese medicine, this brew was used to combat many ailments, and is still used today as both a useful preventative and cure. Such conditions vary from the common cold to more serious health problems like the development of cancer. However, there isn’t any current scientific research that indicates any tea will completely conquer cancer, but there is research that demonstrated it can definitely help prevent it.

However, there’s more to this special sort of tea than simply battling cancer! Below we shall quickly explore different aspects this terrific beverage offers besides just health.

Common Types of Chinese Green Tea

When some people consider tea from China, they might not understand that there are hundreds of varieties of the beverage. There’s more to it then that small bag that sits in the base of Chinese food take out. . .there is no 1 variety! Below, we’ll only look at two quite common teas. . .or else this guide will be long indeed!

We have “Dragon Well”, a renowned selection. The leaves of Dragon Well are wide and flat, no more than the normal finger nail, and is extremely much like the Japanese green tea, “Sencha”. The odor and flavor of the beverage has a smooth mellow note with gentle grassy undertones. When brewed properly, a pale green liquor is shown which sometimes has a little sweetness, particularly once the palate adapts.

Then we’ve got “Pi Lo Chun”, also called “green snail spring”. This tea gets it name because of the fact that the leaves are curled into what seems like small snails, exactly like how some Taiwanese oolong teas have been wrapped. When steeped, the leaves open up showing a very clean taste that is more fragile than Dragon Well. There’s also a hint of sweetness and its mild taste is fantastic for novices introducing themselves to loose Chinese green tea.

Of course there are lots more, but the above two are the only two kinds which are more widespread. The rest of the varieties are unique to all the hundreds of individual tea farms and estates that produce them. Generally, each receives its own unique “title” and remains exclusive to this particular farm, way of processing, and final preparation on the way the tea is shaped, whether it be rolled by hand or by machines.

Many different sizes, flavors, colors, and costs are associated which each particular tea. As mentioned. . .there isn’t a one!

Why Loose Leaf Is Important

Brewing Chinese green tea with loose leaves over normal bags is essential in order to attain complete taste and the most advantages! With bags, a huge percentage of the essential oils dry up leaving little room for fragance, flavor, and health. However, this isn’t true with loose leaf brewed tea, granted if the leaves are steeped within 6 to 8 months of this flush. Remember, even loose leaves go bad with time.

Bag brewed drinks can give a poor first impression on the subtle character Chinese green tea provides. Sure the color will be brilliant, but the flavor will be sour, fuzzy, and very windy. . .all which might be a huge turn off for novices. Sadly, one would believe that is exactly what all green tea is similar to, and might have missed out on the true superior flavor loose leaf is famous for! The way it’s supposed to be enjoyed.

Some Health Benefits

There is a wide range of benefits from consuming tea, some that include:

      • Lowered cholesterol and blood pressure
      • Younger and healthier looking skin
      • A stronger immune system
      • Help with weight loss, (combined with proper dieting and exercise)
      • Aids with stopping the development of certain tumors
      • Can even lead to a healthier smile by abating plague

Every week, new literature is printed covering the many health aspects this drink offers. Obviously preparing loose leaf style as stated previously and drinking several cups per day (not only one) on a daily basis is what will ultimately determine precisely how much of the benefits people can reap.


However, when it comes down to it, Chinese green tea ought to be appreciated both for the fragance, taste, abundant varieties, culture, social pleasure, in addition to the health benefits!

Besides the Chinese green varieties, we also have white, oblongblack, all that lead into countless more varieties to research! This is the reason why loose leaf tea gets such a fantastic pleasure for many who enjoy it. With loose tea, there’ll always be a new selection to discover!