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Menopause is when the body ceases to menstruate for 12 months and consequently halts the production of Estrogen hormones that’s thought of as going through the “Change of Life”.

What can you do?

Sometimes it’s learning how to accept the curve balls that life throws you and hit a home run, or making lemon assistance from lemons and so forth, you have heard all of them and they’re true, you need to think them and proceed. If you’re having menopausal symptoms, just make the best of it. Don’t let yourself be miserable.

Have you ever been around somebody who complains constantly about everything? Don’t turn in that miserable complaining person but the person who knows how to rise above it all while you figure out this thing.

Attitudes and Symptom

A reasearch shows that: “The image of midlife African American girls that arose from this research supports a multicultural perspective that is: Postmenopausal women listed the most favorable attitudes and perimenopausal women reported that the most symptomatology. Taken as a whole, women in this study reported a marginally positive attitude toward menopause, although they held many negative beliefs about it. They considered menopause is both a natural midlife event and also a reason to seek medical care. They were worried about what to expect during menopause. They saw few benefits to the experience apart from the cessation of menses and the end of fertility. Forty-nine percent believed women fret about losing their heads through menopause, while 71% considered women are worried about how their husbands will feel about them after menopause. On the other hand, they thought after menopause women have a wider outlook on life and generally feel better than they have for decades, beliefs which fostered their overall positive attitude toward melancholy. If there’s a taboo related to talking about menopause at the African American culture, it didn’t seem to affect this population of women. Relatively few found it hard to talk about menopause.”

Menopausal relief

    • Be conscious of your clothes you choose to wear-If you dress too warm by wearing too many layers or if your cloth holds in body heat you could trigger flashes. Dress lightly in cottons (since they breath) and take a sweater or coat.
    • Don’t sleep in a sexy environment-keep area at a comfortable temperature, moderate heat or air conditioning, reduce the number of night sweats you experience
    • When you feel you’re having an anxiety attack or your heart is palpitating quickly, stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths, count to 10, sit and relax for a moment and have a sip of cold water. If it continues see a Doctor.
    • Exercise to maintain the body stretched and powerful. Helps to keep tension and anxiety down. Walk, run, do aerobics, what ever you choose, just move that body. If you’re at work stop and take a brief break and walk.
    • Exercise and challenge your mind daily to reduce fogginess and forgetfulness
    • Lastly, as African American women we tend to take care of everybody but ourselves, become more conscious of yourself and take better care of yourself.You deserve it.

Nutritional Hints

    • La soia
    • Nuts- Walnuts, Almonds
    • Pesce
    • Yams
    • Lino seeds-Meal, Oil affective
    • Teas-Black & Green
    • Green vegetables-Leafy green veggies. The less cooked the greater
    • Yogurt


It’s been a pleasure sharing my knowledge and findings on menopause. It’s my desire to educate men and women so there’s a deeper understanding and appreciation for what challenges lie ahead and how to tackle them head on this becomes a simple transition for everybody.