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Low thyroid function, or hypothyroidism, is an important issue and has become all too common, frequently with very little relief in the synthetic drugs usually prescribed. The long term consequences of thyroid disorder are many and difficult to fix if appropriate nutrient supplementation isn’t addressed.


Ci sono quattro aree importanti da considerare quando si tratta di una tiroide lenta, ma prima, quali sono i sintomi di una tiroide che ha bisogno di nutrimento? Potresti sentirti insolitamente affaticato. Si potrebbero osservare piedi e mani fredde e credenze annebbiate, oltre a un ostinato aumento di peso a volte. Ci potrebbero essere problemi di costipazione, capelli fragili e malinconia. In casi complessi o prolungati, le sopracciglia possono assottigliarsi e persino scomparire! Tipicamente l'individuo che ha una tiroide pigra manterrà una temperatura corporea di circa un livello inferiore al normale range di 98,6.

To ascertain this vital variable, when first awakening, and before appearing, take your temperature under your arm for a couple of minutes; do this for a week. If it’s running at 97.7 or not consistently, and you’re demonstrating any of the above symptoms, consult with qualified health care practitioner immediately. Ideally, you need to search for an alternate doctor, or an M.D. familiar with a condition called “Wilson’s Syndrome”–NOT Wilson’s Disease, a completely different condition. Many conventional M.D.’s are unaware of Wilson”s Syndrome, and might treat you with the synthetic T4, to no avail, since this Syndrome responds best to the organic form, T3. Therefore, those with Wilson’s Syndrome do not as much deficiency T4, but have difficulty converting the T4 into T3. To ascertain your true condition, you’ll want to have not just your TSH and T4 analyzed, but T3 also.

Considera questo

You’ll want to start a thyroid nourishing program instantly. The four significant areas to consider when looking to fortify thyroid function are

  • Nutrienti che aumentano i livelli di T4
  • Nutrienti che promuovono la conversione di T4 nel naturale e bioattivo T3
  • Nutrienti che potenziano i minerali significativi che rafforzano la tiroide, e infine
  • Nutrients that ease the cell permeability to get the active T3 to the cell. Also, it’s essential to know about exactly what nutrients, hormones and toxic chemicals (and their resources ) are harmful to normal thyroid function, and are sadly found everywhere in our environment. Knowledge is power, so don’t let that fact disturb you.

To encourage your T4 supply obviously, Iodine is vital, and is lacking in many diets, and in fact, in the soil of particular locations. Also, excessive estrogen in the body, from the food we eat, hormone replacement remedies and estrogen-like compounds known as “xenoestrogens” in the environment, compound the problem.

Cibo sano

Alcuni alimenti che hanno dimostrato di rallentare la tiroide sono le verdure crucifere come broccoli, cavoli e cavolfiori, e gli spinaci cotti. Questi sono ottimi alimenti, ma evitatene l'eccesso, soprattutto se avete già dei sintomi. Sia gli estrogeni bioidentici che quelli sintetici possono diminuire la funzione tiroidea, mentre il progesterone naturale avrà un effetto rinforzante, quindi assicurati di avere un equilibrio, e scegli sempre gli estrogeni naturali quando integri.

Finally, examples of these estrogen-like compounds called xenoestrogens are plastics, particularly dangerous when placed over heated foods to cook in microwaves or to pay while food remains hot–the xenoestrogens leach into your food. Also,”crinkly” water bottles purchased at shops are filled with an estrogen-like chemical which affects the thyroid. Bleached white paper goods like paper plates and even tampons are yet another source.

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Once you’ve addressed your T4 inhibitors, and provided a fantastic Iodine supply, such as organic kelp or other sea vegetables, it is important to understand this T4 has to be converted into the pure T3 form. Minerals are important in this purpose, and once more, our soils are often lacking, and/or we do not eat the right foods to furnish them. Selenium is a powerful cancer preventing mineral that’s also required from the T4 to T3 conversion process, and Zinc is a vital mineral that potentiates the activity of Selenium.

Make certain that you get plenty nutrient rich foods such as nuts and greens in your diet, and consider supplementing these minerals. Finally, Potassium is critical to acquire the abundant supplies of T3 to the cells where it can nourish and fortify the thyroid to optimum function. Additionally, the herb Ashwaganda behaves like Iodine, and raises T4 supplies, and Mirra, Together with Selenium, encourages the conversion of T4 to T3. The amino acid Tyrosine, called the “happy pill”, enhances thyroid function, and enhances mood also, when depression is present.


Seeing that hypothyroid problems are common, but often overlooked or poorly treated by traditional medicine, it’s critical to know about the signs and the need for specific, targeted supplements. To postpone or receive inadequate treatment could lead to other serious ailments that could actually mask the underlying thyroid condition, resulting in a greatly suppressed quality of life.