Close-up of pregnant woman relaxing and sitting on the side on the sofa. Holding a hands on the tummy.

Morning sickness is the term given to the sense of nausea and vomiting when the girl is pregnant. This sort of heaviness is felt generally in the morning once the blood glucose level is down. However, it shouldn’t be thought that morning sickness can happen only in the morning. Episodes of these sicknesses could be sensed through the day, right up to late afternoon.

Morning sickness

Not every woman suffers from morning sickness. Statistics show that about 50 to 60 percent of pregnant women will suffer from morning sicknesses. These morning sicknesses start from the first week of pregnancy and can continue right up to the sixteenth week (or later in some women).

The most important reason for morning sickness is that the chemical and hormonal changes which take place in the body throughout the pregnancy. It’s felt more during the first pregnancy of the woman, once the body is yet learning how to grapple with the many changes which are occurring inside. Dietary deficiency (especially of vitamins of the B complex, including folates) can lead to morning sickness. Some women experience morning sickness if they’re subjected to strong odors. Digestive problems may also be accountable for morning sickness.

Herbs in the Treatment of Morning Sickness

Ginger (Zingiber officinale)

Ginger is the best treatment for morning sickness. It can be obtained in any form – glue, ale, tea, etc. – to find immediate relief from the symptoms of morning sickness.

Lemon (Citrus limon)

Due to the strong but pleasant odor, the lemon is very beneficial in the treatment of morning sickness. When the lady feels the symptoms of nausea and vomiting, just sniffing in the juice or the peel of a lemon is sufficient to halt the morning sickness.


All mints are extremely helpful in controlling morning sickness. Examples are spearmint, horsemint and peppermint. Their fragrances and tastes can stimulate different channels of the body and enhance the feelings of nausea and vomiting.

Dietary Treatments for Morning Sickness

It’s typically found that adjusting the diet of the pregnant woman will help in looking after morning sickness. Read the following points:

      • Morning sickness is caused frequently when the woman is nourished. Pregnant women must have an adequate balanced diet, even though they might not feel like eating the majority of the time. This situation can be remedied by eating small meals throughout the day instead of having two major meals. This will keep the digestive system working continuously. The normal hunger pangs and the growling feelings of the gut has to be prevented by always eating something or another.
      • Avoid spicy foods that are hard to digest. Not only will they cause morning sickness, but they will also raise the heat of the human body. This could endanger the life of the fetus and result in a spontaneous abortion.
      • Vitamin B deficiency is directly connected to morning sickness. Vitamin B is a water soluble vitaminhence its amount in the body needs to be replenished regularly. Salads, wheat, vegetables, bananas, sea foods, chicken, etc. contain vitamin B. They have to be included in the normal diet.

Home Cures for Morning Sickness

      • Unless you’re vulnerable to common colds, taking two oranges in the morning and the day can help to keep you healthy throughout the pregnancy. This will increase the vitamin C content into the body that’s useful in a lot of ways during the weeks of pregnancy.
      • In some cooked rice, add a few spoonfuls of the bael juice. This has to be taken twice or thrice daily, particularly if the girl has persistent morning sickness issues.
      • Take a few curry leaves and extract their juice. Mix in this the juice of one lemon. Add a spoonful of honey to the mixture. Drinking this concoction on a regular basis – three to four times a day – aids in treating morning sickness.
      • Prepare a juice of lemon juice and the juice of mint juice. Drink this three to four times per day.
      • Tea made from spearmint can also be taken for treating morning sickness. Menta piperita is also proven to work. In reality any mint is useful as a cure for morning sickness because of its astringent and pungent odor. Chewing gums including ginger, spearmint or peppermint are extremely helpful in controlling morning sickness.
      • Morning sickness is caused due to lowering of the blood sugar in the morning when you awaken. To be able to increase the carbohydrate content, some dry crackers or snacks can be had as soon as you awaken. For better effects, have these biscuits or crackers with a mint or ginger tea.
      • Though it might seem like an old wives’ tale, satisfying food cravings during pregnancy is in fact beneficial. When pregnant, a woman may acquire several urges to eat a specific sort of food, even those that she may have never tasted before. Retaining such urges could raise the odds of morning sickness.
      • Do not stay hungry once you’re pregnant. Keep eating small meals throughout the day, instead of two heavy meals.