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Endometriosis affects 1 in 12 women throughout the world and the cases come to be more and more common as more recognition has to the condition and proper medical diagnosis are provided. Endometriosis is actually a condition caused by retrograde cells being unable to leave the body or fix themselves. This causes blood stasis in the lower abdominal cavity, this cervix and causes pain and infecundity in woman of all ages and nations.

Natural procedure of the body

The all-natural process of the body is to release human hormones Estrogen and Testosterone to ovulate. After is a process whereby an egg can be released. The body then prepares for any possibility of the egg being fertilised and forming a baby. It does this specific by building a lining around the cervix. Estrogen is largely responsible for this function. Once the body realises that it is never going to have a baby, it breaks down this lining, which is commonly known as all of our monthly/period.

So how most people do we cure it?

There is a four prong way of curing Endometriosis. Many of these methods have already been used in isolation by Gynaecologists in an attempt to control the condition but they don’t treat it all together as they have only applied one of the prongs in the process.

Reducing the Estrogen levels by the body processes

The pain associated with Endometriosis is caused by two elements. An example may be naturally all the blood that is using the wrong places in the body, form along to build cysts and lesions. It truly is these that cause infertility since they can block the fallopian hoses. The lesions cause pain as they are gooey and act as bridges between body parts. Every move is therefore uncomfortable.

The other pain factor is the prostaglandins cells. They are to blame for blood clotting and cause this associated with period pain. They help with the Estrogen to form the lining.

So, the thicker the liner in the body, the more blood statis and also more pain we are going to experience readily available prostaglandins.

Now, it’s all already been established by Gynaecologists which is the reason they suggest reducing Estrogen systems. They do this in various different ways but most couple of form of hormone treatment. The birth control pill is the most common one.

Though these methods may offer many Endometriosis patients with getting rid of the pain associated with Endometriosis and can practically send the condition in remission. It will not cure the condition – this is where the text “endometriosis cannot be cured” come from. I had natural methods to reduce Estrogen in the body which may have none of the natural side-effects of standard medicine.

Chances are great that if you have used any of the traditional tactics recommended by your Gynaecologist, you are likely to include Endometriosis come back, even if it is years later, once you have had a child or maybe if you have had a Hysterectomy. This is the saddest part of having the condition: most sufferers end their treatment here.

Boost the human body

The body needs energy to heal. Simply reducing your Female is not enough to heal your system. We need to give the body all human heart needs and more to allow it to mend itself. It is a known fact that people with Endoemtriosis have a low immunity process. We also have a weaker liver in comparison with ordinary woman. We can boost equally through diet and by giving the body many what it needs.

This could include Dairy Thistle, Ginger and other boosting food and juices like Aloe Vera together with Noni Juice. Think of what is the most healthy way you can treat your body and perform this for a year and you will realize that the body copes better with Endometriosis. This includes diet, exercise, drinking plenty of water in addition to adding special additions to your body.

Alternative therapies

In many cases just following the preceding two methods will provide you with instant comfort of the condition as the pain may subside as you have a smaller filling and you will be eating foods to allow your body to handle better. However , this will once again definitely not heal you completely. This is where alternate methods need to step in and launching the body of all the blood statis within the body. We can do this through Traditional Tcm which works by activating the very areas that are responsible for dealing with blood statis and disease. We give them herbal products and create movement through acupuncture to allow them all they need to expel the bad components of endometriosis once and for all.

We can easily also include movement elements into your day by day routine to encourage a natural release in the bad elements through sweat.

Emotional Consideration

Endometriosis is a form of strain placed on the body. It is a need to operate harder, be more perfect and do stuff quickly all at once, which places astounding stress on the body through the mind. We all also naturally feel angry. Will to yourself or not but finally we come to a place where we acknowledge these traits within ourselves. Liberating them will greatly assist in your current healing. Toxic thoughts lead to a good toxic body. Meditation, yoga along with methods mentioned on my website gives you the answers to healing your own personal emotional pains.


At this moment, all of these need to work in combination to be able to cure endometriosis. One will not do the job without the other or will not treatment you completely. Follow the advice supplied here and on my website therefore you too can be endo free!