Disegno astratto fatto di ritagli di testa maschile ed elementi simbolici sul tema della mente umana, della coscienza, dell'immaginazione, della scienza e della creatività

Your brain has a special set of waves. In neuroscience, there are five different brain wave frequencies, namely Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and the lesser known Gamma. Learning mind control in the deeper states of consciousness opens up you to the world of your subconscious mind where you are able to make your reality at will and with exact precision.

Brain Wave Frequencies

Each frequency, measured in cycles per second (Hz), has its own set of features representing a particular amount of brain activity and consequently a special state of consciousness.

Beta (14-40Hz)

Beta brain waves are associated with normal waking consciousness and a heightened state of alertness, logic and critical reasoning. As you go about your daily activities you’re at Beta. Although important for efficiently working in daily life, higher Beta amounts translate to anxiety, stress and restlessness. With nearly all adults mostly operating at Beta throughout their waking hours it’s little wonder that anxiety is today’s most frequent health issue. The voice of Beta is the small nagging chatterbox of your inner critic, which becomes louder and more persistent the higher you go in the scope.

Alpha (7.5-14Hz)

Alpha brain waves are found in deep comfort with the eyes usually closed and while day-dreaming. The relaxed detached awareness achieved during mild meditation is feature of Alpha and is best for programming your mind for success. Alpha heightens your creativity, visualization, memory, concentration and learning. It lies at the bottom of your conscious awareness and is the gateway to your subconscious mind. The renowned Silva Method by Jose Silva is premised on the power of Alpha. The voice of Alpha is the instinct, which becomes clearer and more profound the nearer you get to 7.5Hz.

Theta (4-7.5Hz)

Theta brain waves are present during deep meditation and mild sleep, such as the REM dream state. Theta is the domain of your subconscious mind. Additionally it is referred to as the twilight state because it’s normally only momentarily experienced as you drift off to sleep (from Alpha) and arise from deep sleep (from Delta). A feeling of deep spiritual connection and oneness with the Universe could be gotten at Theta. Vivid visualizations, terrific inspiration, deep creativity, exceptional insight in addition to your brain’s most deep-seated programs are at Theta. The voice of Theta is silent.

Delta (0.5-4Hz)

The Delta frequency is the slowest and is present in deep, dreamless sleep and at quite deep, transcendental meditation in which consciousness is totally detached. Delta is the kingdom of your subconscious mind. It’s the gateway to the Universal mind and the collective mind whereby information received is inaccessible in the conscious level. Delta is related to profound healing and regeneration, underlining the importance of deep sleep into the healing procedure.

Alpha-Theta boundary (7-8Hz)

The Alpha-Theta boundary, from 7 to 8Hz, is the perfect choice for visualization, mind programming and using the creative power of your mind. It’s the mental state where you consciously create your reality. At this frequency of brain control you’re conscious of your environment but your body is in deep relaxation. To understand how to get this level of mind at will you need to first understand how to relax.

Gamma (above 40Hz)

The most recently discovered range is Gamma that’s the quickest in frequency in above 40Hz (some investigators don’t differentiate Beta from Gamma waves). Although little is known about this frame of mind, initial research shows Gamma waves are correlated with bursts of insight and high-level data processing.

In Brief

There are five significant brain wave ranges: Beta (14-40Hz) is present in ordinary waking consciousness and anxiety; the Alpha brain wave (7.5-14Hz) in profound comfort; Theta (4-7.5Hz) in meditation and mild sleep; and the slowest, Delta (0.5-4Hz) in deep dreamless sleep and transcendental meditation. The less recognised Gamma is quickest (above 40Hz) and associated with surprising insight. The best amount for visualization is the Alpha-Theta Border in 7-8Hz. It’s the gateway to your subconscious mind.