Castor oil plant on white background

It’s a common truth that genital can be efficiently eliminated by using some treatment methods such as thermocautery, laser therapy and freezing. Besides these treatments, you might rely on natural cure for all these warts.

Natural Cure

Castor oil is the essential oil that’s used to deal with these warts. However, you will need to combine lemon oil or Eucalipto amygdaline oil using the castor oil solution. This way the awful sense of castor oil will evaporate. The directions are simple. You simply need to use castor oil solution every day on the genital warts. This method may require even two weeks to make the warts disappear.

Another fabulous natural remedy for all these warts is tea tree oil. This oil isn’t only successful for these warts removal but also for scabies, psoriasis and skin tags. The process for using this oil isn’t a complex one. You will need to put some drops onto a constrict first. Then you must tape it on the warts. That would be left on the affected area during the evening. In the morning you can get rid of that. This technique needs regularity and patience as this would take a while to eliminate the warts.

There’s a natural medication called wartrol that’s thought to be among the most effective natural cure for all these warts. This is a homeopathic innovation. That’s the reason this medicine acts on the warts to allow them to vanish smoothly.

Another Natural Cure

There are other natural treatment methods for genital warts. A combination of castor oil and baking soda is one of these. This is something like bleach. This remedy can be used directly on the affected area. The mixture should be utilised in multiple coats for many days to get the bets effect. The baking soda may provide you discomfort and the skin of the genital region may be impacted. If that’s the case you use just castor oil. To hasten the healing process, you might use the slice of garlic too. In the similar manner garlic may be used. In cases like this, banana peel could be used to cover the area for the evening. These methods can work with you efficiently.

Parola finale

Use of vitamins is just another natural cure for all these warts. You may use vitamin E oil for use on the warts. You could even use beta carotene or vitamin A tablets. The pills should be pinched with a needle and the powder form may be applied to the warts.