Intestine model on a blue background. The concept of the treatment of stomach disease, microflora, diarrhea, constipation

Doing a colon cleansing or body cleansing is natural. It’s a fact that your body is designed to cleanse itself, but it will need help. Here’s the proof…


The general concept is that if you eat things you do not need, like toxins, your body will just eliminate them because that’s what it is intended to do. Your liver, intestines and kidneys are created for this purpose. But then, how can you gain weight?

If you consume too much food or consume a lot of the wrong foods such as junk foods, fried foods, foods with white bread and sweets, you gain weight. Your body didn’t eliminate what it didn’t require. It saved it instead. Now you’ve got excess weight, extra fat, and possibly even other health problems like brain fog, fatigue and even depression. This proves that your body didn’t eliminate what wasn’t used.

Your body can even turn extra amino acids and excess glucose into fat cells. Your body did not require this excess, it didn’t remove it, rather it converted it into fat cells and stored it. Why would this occur?


Your body is designed to digest a certain amount of food at the same time. What’s not digested may be removed. However, if the body becomes over-burdened from toxic overload and a lot of food that it can not digest, then it won’t do any work efficiently. It will need help.

Add to this the fact that there are many – like tens of thousands – of environmental toxins which you come into contact with daily. There’s perchlorate in most drinking water, mercury in fish, bleach in water, food colorings, preservatives known to cause cancer like BHA and BHT found in common foods, and the list continues.

Put all this together with our sub-standard diets and you can see that your body needs help. This is when it might be time for you to cleanse your colon or your own body.

You can help your body remove the excess build up and discard the excess fat cells. Your choices of diet, exercise and even food supplements can help you do so.

So, What then?

The perfect diet won’t allow your body to store waste. Additionally, it will take the load from your digestion and help sweep through waste. The perfect diet may also give your body more energy – and – enzymes – created for dissolving and removing additional, stored waste. However, in order for the body to do this it requires nutrition for fuel. This is the reason the proper diet is required to cleanse the colon.

The ideal diet should include lots of fresh, organic produce. This ought to be the main staple of your diet. After that, higher quality proteins such as beans, legumes, tempeh, organics meats such as chicken and beef, as well as sprouts. Include digestible foods with good bacteria like organic, low-sugar yogurt and kefir. Round out your cleansing diet with small amounts of unprocessed, alkaline grains like quinoa or amaranth.

Food or herbal supplements

They also help your colon and body cleanse. A good cleansing program provides additional fiber to help soften and remove built up waste. The herbaceous plants usually found in a fantastic program provide more nutrition that’s nature made so that your body can absorb it. This additional boost of nutrition gives your body what it requires to make sure all organs of elimination are functioning.


Choosing the ideal herbal colon cleansing supplement may greatly benefit and reevaluate your cleansing efforts. Don’t use a laxative because that’s a toxin. Find a cleansing supplement which has largely natural ingredients.

When you choose to do a colon cleanse or body cleansing, educate yourself . Read the label, know the herbs and if you do not, research them. Be certain that you select the ideal program for your goals and lifestyle. Remember – when you look after your body, it protects you.