Portrait of smiling man showing his healthy hair without furfur

Of all of the physical changes we experience as human beings perhaps no other is more misunderstood, been the subject of higher deliberate misinformation, has the capacity to evoke disproportionate anxiety at a victim, or brought more unscrupulous operators than baldness. The great Julius Caesar was said to be sensitive to his balding scalp, and wore a laurel of oak leaves to hide baldness and denote his standing as Rome’s highest taxpayer.


Obviously hair has long ceased to be only insulation and protection for our skulls and mind. It’s an intrinsic part of our body image – how we view ourselves and want others to see us. Our hair defines our energy, virility, nature and sexuality. Unlike no other portion of our body, the flexible, regenerative qualities of our own hair allow us a certain ‘chameleon-like’ ability to constantly change our look – and often how we feel about ourselves – by changing its length, color, personality, and tide.

It’s little wonder why many individuals become anxious, distressed or even depressed at the prospect of losing their’crowning glories’. This is often the time they become vulnerable to the promises of glib but unprincipled peddlers of hair recovery programs.

Hair Loss Treatments

History is replete with bizarre remedies for regrowing hair; the rough-tongued ‘lick’ of a dairy cow, manure poultices, or a lively daily rubbing of a person’s scalp with an cipolla or garlic clove! Absurd as those clinics seem today, desperate, follicle challenged people still seem willing to invest significant amounts of money for both dodgy ‘cures’ such as battery-operated bio-stimulating helmets, oriental herbs worn beneath a ‘cling-wrap’ scarf, and even silt allegedly from the River Jordan!

At the moment, the well known baldness businesses construct their ‘treatment’ programmes. To provide the impression their therapy plans are unique,’special’ shampoos, cleansers, toners, scalp stimulators etc. are included as ‘essentials’ to treatment success. These products have little if any impact on baldness, and apparently are just there to justify the exorbitant price these companies demand.

For several years much has been made concerning the need to boost scalp blood circulation, the rationale being that the more nutrients that the hair follicles get the greater the hair growth. In one sense that is correct, and for two reasons: the hair follicles which become increasingly entangled in androgenetic alopecia have a diminished blood supply compared to unaffected follicles elsewhere on the scalp. Secondly, hair growth and quality is influenced by one’s nutritional status. However hair won’t cease shedding or efficiently regrow by simply improving scalp circulation. In all cases the root cause of the issue, be it nutritional, metabolic, or the hormonal conversion of androgenetic alopecia, must be addressed in order to correct the problem.

The Alternative and Best Solution

The optimal solution for baldness and most cost effective is the All Natural product strategy. A proprietary blend of botanicals that naturally inhibit DHT formation, while also providing nutritional support for prostate health . Sega Palmetto e Ortica are two important herbs needed, both of which block DHT and have been utilized in traditionally for several years. Strong, healthy hair begins with the proper nutritional building blocks, and providing essential vitamins and minerals are effective for hair follicle support, these minerals include, Zinc, Magnesium, Biotin and Vitamin B6. . .which are also crucial for immune function, skin and nail health, protein digestion and healthy red blood cells.