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Making your own skin care at home is not the first thing comes to mind when you think about a skin whitening treatment. It’s far more evident to go pay the dermatologist a visit, take your prescription and visit the nearest drug store. If you need to remove a dark place, he might recommend that you use laser technology to eliminate it, in which case it is not the drug store but the practice. Regardless of the nature of your skin problems, this entire process takes time and costs money. The worst part is that you do not have a lot of control over the results as you don’t really understand what you’re paying for. You just trust your doctor, and the majority of the time you’re right to do so. Or perhaps you don’t even go to the doctor and select your own skin care products, which is undoubtedly a risky approach to your wellbeing and might leave you with undesirable side effects.

But what if there was a better way to whiten your skin?

A quicker, more effective and more affordable way? Natural skincare treatments are best for many reasons. And it isn’t as complex as you may think to obey a fantastic remedy in the comfort of your residence. In actuality, is it quite easy to create your own lotion at home, and there are lots of simple cream recipes available to assist you attain the results you’re searching for in whitening your skin or eliminating uneven skin pigmentation. These home-made creams are produced from vegetables, fruits, leaves, seeds and other organic products that you might already have in your kitchen cabinet.

So what ingredients do you use to produce an effective skin whitening lotion?


Honey is highly recommended in the prevention of skin ailments and are available in a number of natural skincare recipes. In actuality, honey is famous for its anti-septic properties and comprises skin-preserving anti-oxidants.

It’s Good for:

        • Treating and preventing acne
        • Creating a glow as it’s very soothing and moisturizing
        • Clarifying skin by opening pores up, making them simple to unclog
        • Slowing down aging with its strong anti-oxidants
        • It can be blended with other ingredients to create skin care creams but can also be used by itself in many unique ways: mask, cleanser, exfoliator, or perhaps tub.


Powdered milk is a terrific ingredient in regards to skin lightening creams. Because of some enzymes it contains, milk is an excellent exfoliator: it effectively eliminates the pigmented dead skin cells in the surface of the skin, which restores the tone of your skin and helps lighten it. Milk is also an excellent cleanser and moisturizer such as honey. It provides you more balanced skin, cleaning oily skin and yet providing moisturizing components in dry skin. The benefits of milk may treat and protect against skin stains and irritations, and make your skin look more and more glowing.

Lemon juice

It is a base ingredient for many skincare creams and products generally. When used frequently, lemon juice applied in your skin can allow you to get a smooth complexion because of its exfoliating properties, and diminishing discolorations due to scars, age spots or other skin ailments. Mixed with other components, it truly is effective to whiten your skin quickly so that you should have it close by when you’re making your homemade skin lightening cream.


It is a spice that’s often used in India for several functions. Not only does this give taste and colour to a lot of indian dishes, it’s also famous for its powerful cosmetic properties. Among those properties, it inhibitates efficiently the excess secretion of melanine, the substance that gives skin its dark colour, when you have been exposed to the sun too long for instance. It may restore skin to its white coloration when applied regularly on the face and other areas of the body.

How can I make the skin care cream?

These four ingredients, and others such as oatmeal or tomato, are amazing for whitening skin quickly and naturally. But you can not just combine them in a bowl in unknown proportions and hope for the ideal results. As I explained, natural ingredients have lots of skincare benefits. You may wish to focus on recipes which are devoted to whitening your skin quickly, which are special. For instance, Lemon and Turmeric are a powerful combination and quite good at lightening skin.