Strand of blond hair with lice comb on light pink background

While head lice infection might not be deadly, suffering from an infestation can bring distress, as it could lead to an itchy scalp or neck. Getting rid of head lice can be difficult, but rather than using poisonous chemicals, there are numerous home remedies you can place to play to remove these pests. If a part of the family should become infected with lice, be certain you check everyone in the household. Everyone ought to be treated at the exact same time to ensure prevention and elimination of re-infestation of head lice.

Almond Oil & Olive Oil

Almond or olive oil makes a fantastic home remedy for lice, as it smothers and suffocates lice. Applying one of these oils in your hair will slow down an infestation also will make it easier to remove the eggs using a comb.

It is possible to apply oil either by straight coating your hair or by coating the comb. Whichever way you want, coat with the oils and divide your hair into several sections by means of a hair clip. Comb through your hair in sections and be certain that you frequently rinse the comb with hot water as you repeat several times. Shampoo and wash your hair twice after combing.

Once you’re done, make certain the materials you used for example towel and comb are properly cleansed. Do this on a daily basis for about a week.

There are numerous essential oils which have been demonstrated to help remove head lice and their eggs. Tea tree oil, anise oil, and ylang ylang oil are a few of the ones that are effective.

To use the essential oils, simply add about 15 to 20 drops of oil to two ounces of olive oil. The mix should be applied to the scalp and hair and allow it to sit overnight -this might be a minimum of 12 hours. Wrap up the procedure by combing out everything then shampoo your hair twice.

Neem Oil

Neem oil consists of a natural insecticide that’s safe and effective to eliminate lice and their eggs. There are available shampoos which you could use which includes neem oil. If you want, you might just add a few teaspoons of neem oil to your shampoo and use it.

Neem oil might be found in your neighborhood supermarket or you could also try taking a look at garden sections, since this sort of oil is used to drive away smaller insects from plants.

Garlic & Lime Juice

Because of the strong smell of garlic, it suffocates lice. For this treatment, you need to create a paste by grinding eight to ten cloves of garlic. Mix it with a couple of teaspoons of lime juice. When your paste is prepared, apply it to your hair and scalp. Let it stay for about 30 minutes and then rinse your hair thoroughly with warm water.

Baby Oil & White Vinegar

Another home remedy that suffocates lice is baby oil. You want to coat your hair with baby oil then comb it out gradually to be sure lice will fall out of the mind. Once done, rinse your hair with hot water and shampoo.

Additionally, prior to going to bed, apply white vinegar into your own hair. Use a shower cap or a towel to cover your hair and leave it immediately. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner when you awaken.

Be Persistent

To be certain that lice infestation is totally eradicated, repeat one or more of these remedies several times. There are instances wherein you believe you got rid of all of them, but some hidden eggs are left behind. These eggs will then vibrate, which will cause infestation once more. If you find any indication of an infestation, then continue doing these home remedy remedies until you are positive that there’s no indication of their return.