olio di noce di cocco naturale con sapone

Consider more affordable, alternative, natural, effective treatment approaches to find the best care for and clean up your acne, zit, pimple or blackhead issue; and coconut oil is the best remedy I’ve found. Yes, you can do it look better, feel better, and increase your self-esteem by eliminating your acne , obviously and for good. While most types of acne are only embarrassing or bothersome, there are some types of acne that may cause scarring and pitting of the skin.

All is about the Diet and Stress

People of all races and ages have acne. Acne is one of most common skin conditions in the world, affecting over 40 million people. Nearly 80 percentage of individuals from ages 11 to 30 years have acne, most frequently on the face, back and chest. For most people, acne goes away by age 30, but people in their forties and fifties still suffer from acne.

Experts simply can not agree on the causes of acne. Acne, zits, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and several other skin ailments are often, but not necessarily, the result of a poor diet. I believe the reason behind acne is associated with our acidic, inflammatory diet which would also affect all our hormones such as stress hormones.

Since the latest research suggests a link between stress and acne, make an attempt to cut back on stress in any manner you can. One treatment method some people have used is applying cornstarch, egg whites or milk of magnesia as a facial mask. When you wash your face use a gentle touch, taking care not to rub or scrub your skin.

Why is coconut the best?

There are many natural acne home remedies; you might need to try several to find one that works best for your skin type. Shave carefully and attempt both electric and safety razors to see which works best for you. For that the best acne treatment, which has functioned for many, use virgin coconut oil into the area daily; attempt it on a small test area for a day or two first.

It’s always best to seek out noninvasive and natural treatment for any skin condition. Treatment using raw apple cider vinegar may work better in your skin if it is not already clearly irritated from acne medications, acne products or other unsuccessful treatment. No over-the-counter lotions can help your acne from the inside out; they could only kill a few of the bacteria on your face and help reduce the redness.

Besides acne, in the event that you have eczema or dry skin, coconut oil will deal with those skin conditions also. Most commercial cleansers are harsh on the face and searching for the best one for you could cost a lot of money. You want to prevent squeezing, pinching, popping or picking your pimples since it can lead to scars or leave dark stains on your skin.

Cocco oil is extremely inexpensive; it is a good, cheap, natural home remedy. Coconut oil is among the best, if not the best, treatments I’ve found for acne. Apply it every day, during the day when possible and at bedtime. Get the unrefined, unbleached type found at health-oriented food shops such as Whole Foods or Wild Oats or purchase it online.

What else can You do?

In any circumstance, regardless of what skin or acne treatment you choose, whether it’s chemical, drugs, other, or natural procedures, changing your diet will be the best treatment you can do to help your acne and you will achieve overall good health in the procedure. Drink lots and a lot of pure, filtered water daily. Besides topical acne treatment it is even more important to work from the inside out also.

Some alternative doctors recommend eating a raw clove of garlic every day for acne; you could chop up one and add it into your everyday salad! Whether you eat a natural diet of fruits and vegetables or eat dead junk food, what you eat may have a direct or indirect impact on the male hormones that may or may not play some role in acne.

Eating fruits that are red or orange in color will help improve you skin health and help to prevent acne. Eat high-fiber snacks such as raw nuts, raw seeds, dried or fresh fruit, like dates, and figs. Use olive oil with a little very fresh flaxseed oil on your salads.

Drink plenty of pure, filtered water, a minimum of a quart per day. Eating foods with essential fatty acids are especially important to individuals with dry skin or acne.

Now you do not need to be among the unfortunate ones left behind due to a lack of knowledge. And you should have the ability to eliminate your acne, zits and pimples and their symptoms so that it does not reoccur. There are many acne products on the market today, some are great, some are cheap and some aren’t cheap or good; nobody understands but you exactly what will work for you.