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Unless you have been residing in a cave for the past couple of decades, you have heard folks touting the benefits of green tea. Many individuals use it as a nutritional supplement for losing weight, or for greater energy or even for comfort. Some of us are now using the tea as an anti aging supplement to fight the effects of aging and they assert that it stimulates the regeneration and repair process in the cells, thereby restoring vitality. Some assert that the benefits of green tea help to keep the effects of aging at bay.


People have been using green tea to control and even reverse the effects of aging in Asia for centuries. The tea was used as a stomach tonic in addition to a healing potion throughout all of recorded history. Today people use green tea as an anti aging product to resist the damages of aging, whether in the shape of a drink such as hot tea or iced, in addition to in capsule or pill form, or even as a supplemental ingredient in foods or nutrition bars.

But the actual question is this: does green tea really work for anti aging or is it just hype? It doesn’t matter if you drink it or have a pill if it’s not helpful for to fight aging. So you will need to know if green tea is successful as a product to impede the effects of aging.


One reason lots of individuals use green tea is for its antioxidant elements. Antioxidants are crucial to reverse the effects of free radicals that cause cell damage. The cell damage caused by free radicals is what causes the symptoms of aging such as facial lines, gray hair and even liver troubles. Smoking, too much stress, a poor diet lacking in essential nutrients, even air pollution may increase free radical damage to your cells.

Researchers think that antioxidants may raise the body’s capacity to heal itself by boosting cell recovery. Obviously your body looks healthier and more young when your cells are repaired and restored. The antioxidants in green tea can help you keep your skin and hair looking younger, and your body feeling better for more.

Prendete nota!

However, just because you start to integrate green tea into your everyday regimen does not mean you can suddenly quit your hypertension or arthritis medicines! The truth is you should always consult your physician before you embark on any health or fitness journey which might impact your existing medicines. Don’t con yourself into thinking you will never again experience the effects of aging since you’ve chosen to use green tea as a nutritional supplement. However, you can make certain that there are particular advantages for drinking or taking this terrific tea regularly.

Another important reason to consider routinely utilizing this exceptional tea as a dietary supplement is because it enables the body to stimulate good overall digestive well-being. A healthy digestive system is a must for good health and to fight the effects of aging since the digestive tract is where essential macro- and micro-nutrients are extracted from the foods you eat. Green tea can assist your body in this process – and that’s an excellent thing!

Good to Know!

When your gastrointestinal tract (GI tract) is healthy then your general health is good. When your digestive tract isn’t healthy, then toxins and other harmful enzymes accumulate in the body and cause rapid aging. Using green tea regularly for a anti-aging merchandise can help to flush those things from the body so that they can’t lead to cell damage. You also will feel much better, more energetic and less lethargic.

Does green tea operate as an anti aging product to fight the damages of aging? Yes. Many individuals claim it’s worked for generations to help fight the effects of aging and to keep people feeling younger more.