moringa, verde, sano

Moringa and wonders, sweet dreams are made of them. It is stated that herbs are the friends of their doctor, and the pride of the healing gods. A tree with 90+nutrients, valuable and celebrated in folklore, needs to be possibly exploited by millions of people fighting for the best discovery.


This powerhouse of nutrition encapsulated with exceptional support for the human body-mind has to be fully researched and revealed. Already it is called a nutritional support to the poor, under nourished populations of India and Africa. Of overdue the herb, bark and foliage of the Moringa Oleifera shrub have been investigated for ultrastructural properties of work on fungus, toxins, parasites and cancers.

Trees in woods exhibit qualities which can rapidly inhibit plant fungus and insects which destroy it. They contain compounds, enzymes and peptides which are triggered when confronting death, threat or extinction. They are life supporting structures in woods to keep the environment, clean pollutants out, reinforce their particular cell life and accelerate self-regulatory, balancing properties due to their mature existence. Moringa is such a strong tree.


Moringa is a vital supplement with chlorophyll, five times greater than Spirulina e Wheatgrass. Chlorophyll is known as the blood of the plant, and gives life to the plant cell in sun, accelerating growth and lifestyle. Modern scientists extract chlorophyll and put it to use in injections or topical lotions in combination with focussed light treatment. This is called photo dynamic therapy. It is a solution to reduce and vanish tumors or cancerous cancers, even internally.

In 2014, Jung IL reported that a tumor suppressor activity in mammalian cells treated with cold water-soluble infusion of Moringa oleifera leaves. Subsequent study has shown that ingredients in Moringa aqueous leaf inhibit the development of lethal quick spreading cancer cells in breast and colorectal cancers of Saudi Arabian women.

Pharmaceutical management of the herb for anti cancer treatment, chemotherapy support, or even cancer prevention is a likely possibility for potential alternative medicine and natural nourishment.

The power through most of its properties and properties to restore DNA and gene expression, makes Moringa potential for healing Alzheimer’s, systemic ailments, asthma, diabetes, skin disorders, brain disorders, anemia, arthritis, fungal and bacterial infestations.

Very interesting observation of the herb is in its use in inflammation. Experts in other medicine insist that inflammation is the main cause of all evils. Studies between histological evaluation of the lungs have shown that the extract reduced the amount of leukocytes, cured asthma and its associated allergies.

The anti-inflammatory properties of the aqueous Moringa foliage in medication was confirmed with an in vivo model of acute inflammation. These and following scientific findings clearly suggest that the herbs contribution in nutrition and wellness is to support liver function, detoxification, lymphatic drainage, sugar control (reducing weight because of reduced sugar tolerance), and thus build resistance. Enzymes that support thyroid function contribute to weight loss and boosting of metabolism.

With its high amino acid profile, added with vitamins, it’s a suitable vegetarian alternative to sports protein supplements. Amino acid proteins in Moringa provide the consumer with a excellent physical framework, elastic skin and refined complexion. It enhances the natural glutiathone amounts in the body, eliminating darkness, heavy metals and toxins which are deeply embedded in fat stores.

Better yet is Moringa is cheap, and available as pills, tea or decorative oils.