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Whether you’ve had a broken ankle, or torn the ligaments in the foot or ankle or intense sprain; altered yoga can effectively strengthen feeble knees. Weak ankles need time to become more powerful. The poses require some practice and some patience. If you move slowly modified yoga will start to strengthen your ankles. The main thing is to go at your own pace, and give yourself ample time to rest. We’re not going to hurry the recovery recovery period, and weight-bearing poses, may be debilitating since you begin. The best way to proceed is with frequent starts and stops. Starts and stops.

We’re going to perform some weight-bearing poses and we’re going to do a little bit of ankle stretches. All of that will be uneasy as you heal. One of the first I propose for weak ankles is a wall stretches which will stretch out the Achilles and heel. Face the wall, place your hands on the wall about chest high. We begin in a lunge stretch with left foot forward and right foot back. Attempt to keep the ideal heel down, as you push your weight forward to your left leg. Release after about five seconds and do it again to the same side or change sides. If you’ve switched feet, right foot forward and left back. Place your left heel down if possible. Slowly lunge forward. Stop if the stretch is too much. Take a pause, and then rotate your ankle in a circle. Switch sides and rotate the other ankle. Do the same lunge against the wall, once more try to keep your heel down. Do both sides.

The following pose could be achieved against the wall or freestanding without holding on. Standing with your feet about hip width apart, push up your heels, and count for around five to fifteen minutes. Come down. Heels up once more. Now, we will push up on the balls of our feet for five to fifteen minutes, and lower your heels half way down, before you complete. Up, halfway down, and up again. Come down completely and break. Again, heels up completely, lower heels halfway downup fully, and reduced down to rest on the floor.

You may hold onto the wall or back of a seat for this exercise. We’re going to try the exercise on one leg. Stand on one foot, and let another rest near the other leg, or resting against the leg. Press up the heel of the foot which you’re standing on, count five to fifteen minutes and come down. Standing on one foot triggers leverage. Come down and rotate the ankle. Stand on the opposite foot, and press up that heel for five to fifteen minutes. This strengthens the ankle, calf, and Achilles.

For this pose, you are able to hold on the back of a seat if you’re concerned about balance. First stand with your feet shoulder width apart. Shift your weight to your left foot. See where your big toe begins on your left foot. Bring your heels to the side of the left big toe, then walk the heels around two inches in front of your left big toe, and then place the right heel on the ground to the right about twelve inches. Bend your left leg so that the weight is on your left. With your right foot, then place your heels, and lift your feet up. This is a dynamic stretch, and you’ll feel it on your ankles, quad muscles and calves. Take your right hand and slide it down your right leg until you can not reach any further. If you can accomplish your toes on right foot, hold for five minutes to fifteen minutes. But hold onto your foot or leg in which you feel comfortable.

If you can not do this as described. A modification can be achieved with a strap. Put the strap onto your right foot , and hold onto your strap, and lean your body towards the right foot, as much as possible. Holding onto the strap, is a fantastic modification if you’re not that flexible or concerned for equilibrium. This provides good grip, and it is a pose that can be performed safely with a strap.

Now we switch. If you’re holding onto a chair, switch hands. Move clear of the seat. Stand on both feet, shift all of your weight to the ideal foot. Move your left heel past your right big toe by two inches, and then slip roughly twelve inches to the left. Place your left heel down, and bring your feet up. Slide down as far as you can reach. Hold pose for five to fifteen minutes. Release.

After our modified yoga poses, if your ankles, feet or legs feel sore. Relax your toes, prop your legs and feet and ice the ankles if you require. Have some patience. It takes time to cure, and getting used to weight-bearing again, takes some practice. But if you continue with your modified yoga poses every day, you will start to feel powerful again. Modified yoga can be quite effective, but please do not rush the procedure. You’ll get more powerful, simply allow yourself patience, and allow that it is okay to be exactly where you are at this time. Nothing more. You’ll get there.