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When you think of your kid growing up what do you imagine for his future? Brain surgeon? Rocket scientist? Future President? Most of us want our children to be somebody who will change the world, but that is 1 thing you will never know until your little one leaves the nest. . .or is it? What if you can call your unborn child’s IQ by simply tracking a frequent pregnancy symptom?

Some research

Well based on recent findings published in the The Journal of Paediatrics and reported by New Scientist magazine, this might be a possibility!

Studies have shown that the children of mothers who experienced morning sickness during pregnancy, were more likely to have a higher IQ than those born to mothers who believed no morning sickness during their pregnancy.

There’s also thought to be a correlation between the severity of the illness and the amount of intellect of the child.

The very same hormones that are considered to cause morning sickness; thyroxine and HCG (human chronic gonadotropin), are thought to protect your baby’s developing mind.

Other reasons to be thankful for morning sickness are some studies have shown that women who suffer illness are less likely to suffer miscarriage or give birth to a baby with birth defects.

But regardless of how smart your baby turns out to be, morning sickness is no fine thing, so here are a few basic ideas you can try to ease the quease!

How to treat morning sickness?

Eat little and often

Morning sickness can be caused by a scarcity of food in your stomach and as your metabolism is working much quicker now, it is a fantastic idea to eat more often to keep your blood sugar stable. Sudden drops in blood glucose is only going to raise your nausea and cause you to feel less like eating, though this is exactly what you will need to do to feel better.

Attempt to fill up on quality proteins with slow release carbohydrates to keep illness at bay for more and to help alleviate pregnancy fatigue.


Ginger is a fantastic cure for nausea and illness. Try slicing fresh ginger root into a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon for and early morning cleansing and pick me up.

Homeopathic salts

They may work wonders for morning sickness but you will need to see a professional pharmacist to determine which one is perfect for your symptoms.


Exercise is very good for morning sickness as it diverts blood flow away from the gut, so try a quick 10 minute exercise.

Get some rest

Fatigue and overtiredness are enough to make you feel ill when you’re pregnant so imagine what it does to you once you’re! Take a 20 minute catnap around the time of day your nausea usually appears.