Selezione di oli essenziali con varie erbe e fiori sullo sfondo

Pure essential oil are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Using essential oils for therapeutic purposes is frequently called aromatherapy, which is a holistic therapy trying to improve physical, mental and psychological wellbeing.

Oli essenziali

For over 5,000 years, many diverse cultures have used these therapeutic plant oils for a number of health conditions. They are usually used for comfort, beauty care, house cleaning and most often utilized as natural medicine.

History of Aromatherapy

Since using essential oils exist in several countries, it’s hard to pinpoint where the practice originated. Oils have been utilized by the Jews, Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans equally as cosmetics, perfumes and for their medicinal purposes. Some cultures used oils in religious rituals.

In 1928, French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé used lavender oil to heal a burn on his hand. He then decided to further analyze the properties of lavender oil and how it might be used to treat different forms of skin infections, burns or wounds.

With this the science of aromatherapy was born. Gattefossé’s key aim was to help injured soldiers during World War I. The use of these oils started to spread particularly with practitioners of alternative medicine, such as massage therapists and beauticians during Europe.

There are trained practitioners such as aromatherapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists or even doctors of natural medicine using aromatherapy in their practice and are trained in particular uses for essential oils.

Usage In Medical Hospitals

Aromatherapy includes many different health benefits and may be utilised in a variety of settings. It is a great non-invasive way to treat an assortment of health conditions and can be used safely in combination with several other therapies.

Many conventional hospitals are catching on to the benefits of essential oils and are utilizing them in treating anxiety, depression and infections in hospitalized patients.

Special Oils and its Benefits


Rose is erotically sensual & luxurious. It may offer psychological comfort in times of turbulance, enlivens the heart, boosts confidence and brings out one’s deepest feelings, increasing affection and sexual appetite.

The scent calms strife and provides a sense of peace and happiness, which ensures warm, happy relationships. It soothes and calms hyperactive personalities that are ill at ease, unsettled, unsure or unhappy with themselves or who feel a feeling of guilt, jealousy, grief and resentment.

Costus Root Oil

Fight cold and flu symptoms. Relax your body and soothe sore muscles. Heal Asthama. Alleviate pain. Improves Liver Functions. Improve digestion. Reduce cellulite and wrinkles.