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A Urinary Tract Infection (also called cystitis or abbreviated to UTI) is a bacterial disease one or more portions of the urinary tract. Although they are more common in women, they can affect anyone of any age.

What causes a UTI?

Urinary Tract Infections most commonly occur when the bacteria, E Coli enters the urinary tract. Bacteria can and does enter the bladder regularly but generally, the body would get rid of the bacteria naturally by urinating and people would show no symptoms of infection whatsoever.

Bacteria may be introduced into the bladder by several ways. Poor toilet hygiene can lead to bacteria entering the bladder as can sexual activity and the use of certain medicines. Perfumed deodorants and wipes irritate the area and a individual may exhibit the symptoms of a UTI.

Occasionally, the bacteria may take hold and painful, unpleasant symptoms occur.

What symptoms does a UTI cause?

      • A searing, burning pain is felt upon bleeding
      • Dark and cloudy urine
      • A reasonably elevated temperature
      • Mild abdominal pain
      • Mild back pain
      • A general feeling of being unwell

Self-help steps!

      • Increase your water consumption. Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses every day to help flush out the bad bacteria
      • Place a heating pad or covered hot water bottle on the lower portion of the abdomen. This should provide some relief from the pain
      • Avoid tight pants and wear cotton panties
      • Though urination is painful, don’t attempt to resist the urge to go
      • Don’t use any perfumed products in the vaginal area as these can cause irritation
      • Whilst the disease persists, eat acidophilus yogurt every day as this helps”good” bacteria proliferate. There are also acidophilus beverages available today which will be beneficial
      • Treat any constipation by eating more fiber and fruits as extra pressure on the bladder may both raise the risk of a UTI and also make Current symptoms worse
      • Take a vitamin C supplement. This helps keep your immune system powerful so as to fight the infection
      • Drink cranberry juice every day. This contains a part which makes the bladder wall repellent to bacteria which makes them easier to flush out when urinating
      • Certain fruits and vegetables are demonstrated to “flush” away bad bacteria and it’s important that you increase your intake to a high degree. These include onions, spinach, carrots, potatoes, zucchini, squash, broccoli, green beans, avocados, grapes, apples and pears

Why are antibiotics not the best answer?

Doctors routinely treat Urinary Tract Infections with antibiotics. Recent studies have indicated that they become less effective with repeated use and it is therefore a good idea to use alternative effective methods of treatment wherever possible. Stopping taking antibiotics before the end of the prescribed path before all of the bacteria is killed off may lead to the bacteria mutating into another form that’s even more challenging to treat. This is known as “antibiotic resistance”. Such immunity is a global concern so avoidance of antibiotics is sensible when there are other methods of therapy.

Also, there’s an increasing tendency for people to use natural methods of treatment for all manner of ailments.

What natural remedies can I use?

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