Alkaline foods above the wooden background

We’ve been the ‘taste great’ generations. The baby boomers were the top edge of fast foods and convenience in the kitchen. The generations since, have become addicted to all types of these foods and they’re extremely acidifying into the body. The French fries, carbonated drinks, super-sized, deep-fried, sugar stuffed whatever, is killing us. The joke says, acid is wonderful for running batteries, not bodies. But, it is not a joke. The amount of acidity or alkalinity, known as pH within our own bodies, is determined by what we put in our mouths and affects our general health. A growing number of people are experiencing health problems at a younger and younger age and scientists are now demonstrating that a condition within the body called acidosis is creating disease and illness.

Good or Bad?

Why are French fries, donuts and cola so bad for us? In a forest, when anything dies the cells of the body become very acidic. That acid brings bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi that decompose the dead tissue. Acidity is the sign to decompose. If our bodies get too acid, then we might come under attack from germs. It doesn’t appear to matter what dis-ease is present, the body will be more acidic. Not only is that the acidic condition called acidosis irritating to the tissues of the body, it starts to invite germs that further damage cells.


When we eat foods, and eat drinks, they are digested and metabolized for energy. The end product of metabolism is waste. The waste is either acid or alkaline in nature, based on our food intake. Alkaline waste is quickly dispensed with and discharged from the body. Acidic metabolic waste is quite tricky for the blood and lymph nodes to move into the exit chute. This is when the body starts storing these acids in our organs, tissues and cells.

A build up of acids in the body, leads to a chronically acidic condition called acidosis. When the body receives too acid or acid you begin turbo-aging. Your body becomes damaged by the constant irritation and free radicals start to multiply, stealing electrons from healthy cells, damaging them. As the damage affects the digestive tract, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients from the foods and supplementation can’t be absorbed efficiently, or at all. The friendly bacteria in your small intestine can’t survive the acidity onslaught and the immune system that starts on your gut gets diminished and functions poorly. When the gut becomes diminished as the friendly flora perish, yeast starts to over-run the gut, allergies grow as a result and the gut gets bloated enough to cause pain, diarrhea and gas.

Acid buildup in the cells is similar to meat tenderizer on a beef. Connective tissue that makes up the body’s fascia gets diminished which may cause injuries. Weakened body causes skin to wrinkle and sag. Hair may even lose its feel.


People with acidosis may have disrupted sleep or sleep badly. Acids from the system cause the body more anxiety and it becomes more and more exhausted. Infections, coughs, colds and flu can feel like a revolving door. Acne may erupt and be tricky to eliminate. Additionally, headaches can pound away in the mind in response to the acidic waste and your physical and mental energies are going to take a dive.

Among the most devastating ailments that comes from an acidic body terrain is osteoporosis. Osteoporosis occurs as the body attempts to buffer the acidity by pulling minerals from the bones, bones and teeth in an effort to bring the body to balance. The blood is the lifeline for all body functions. The pH of the blood has to be kept within very narrow ranges. Over time, the bones become porous as they shed minerals into the buffering action.

Athletic performance and functionality in the bedroom will decrease to the point at which all attention and ability can be dropped.

About changes

Before you begin calling up the grim reaper, consider how springy the body would be to repair itself. To reverse an acidic body condition, you want to obviously change your internal body terrain from damaging to more alkaline. The simplest way to begin is to include alkaline, ionized water to your daily regimen. The cause of this has to do with the qualities of the water which are imparted to the body. Using a dietary strategy alone to alkalize the body requires approximately 9 months to start to find any results.

If you start with alkaline, ionized water then you will begin to observe shifts in your terrain in a week. Your body will naturally shift into needing more healthy foods. As your body becomes a bit’cleaner’ you can alter your diet to 75 to 80 percent alkalizing foods and 20 to 25 percent acid foods. It will become a breeze and you really don’t overlook your old way of eating. The alkaline, ionized water makes the process a lot more tolerable as cravings disappear. Three handfuls of alkaline forming foods and one handful of acidic forming foods should be on your plate every meal, in these proportions.


If you would like to have an alkaline foods list, there are plenty of them out there. Briefly, some of the alkalizing foods are vegetables grown above ground, some fruits, herbal teas, apple cider vinegar, free range eggs, fat-free cottage cheese, almonds, organic yogurt, hemp protein powder, whey protein powder and millet. Gradually add more alkaline water and foods to your diet before you know it, you are well on your way to balancing that tight rope in a much healthier way.