Woman holding red pepper in her mouth

Everybody appears to have their own ideas about the best way best to eliminate weight. IT were suggested low-carb programs, It does away with bad fats and carbohydrates, and the Famouses diet wants weight watchers to decide on an all-fruit meal. Then there are some individuals who think that eating hot foods can help them lose weight faster than you can say obese.

Spicy foods

They have always figured in various native delicacies in various cultures. Black pepper, as an instance, is an antioxidant and it also has antibacterial effects. Cayenne pepper is touted to improve the immune system and clear congestion. Eating spicy food also increases the endurance of athletes and helps in treating osteoarthritis.

Interestingly, one of the many benefits of eating hot food came the concept it may actually aid in weight loss.

Weight loss with hot dood: Fact or fantasy?

There’s an ongoing debate on whether one can achieve weight loss with hot food. The concept is that spicy foods raise your body’s metabolic rate that makes you digest your food faster. Basically, spices enhance digestion by increasing the hydrochloric secretion in the gut. This is what raises your metabolic rate. With increased metabolism comes increased absorption rate. When there is increased absorption, then the body can use the stuff that you ate for your daily activities so almost nothing really stays put. Ergo, you get rid of weight.

Some experts feel that while it is true that hot food may increase the body’s metabolism, the growth isn’t really as substantial as we would love to think. The increased metabolic rate following eating hot food is not so large as to affect weight loss. Still, there are a number of other men and women who look at it from another standpoint.

Spicy food makes us eat less

There are just a few of us that have a high tolerance for spicy food. Logically, when a meal is spiked with pepper, we’ve got a propensity to eat less. Cayenne pepper, as an instance, has capsaicin, which among others has shown to help the body burn fats and decrease the appetite. According to some scientists, cayenne increases the amount of epinephrine and norepinephrine in the body that causes us to feel less hungry. Spices improve the taste of any food that offers the a satisfied sensation to the palate. Eating spicy food makes us eat less which explains why folks connect weight loss with hot food. As thermogenic herbs, spices helps the body burn more calories in food particularly when eating a meal high in fat. This is by increasing blood circulation and the body’s temperature. In this respect, spices are also capable of stimulating the breakdown of fat cells thus aiding in weight loss.

So in a sense, weight loss with hot food seems logical enough to be authentic. But with this explanation in hand, an increasing number of people strongly feel that eating hot food can assist weight loss. Unfortunately, eating hot foods is not with no negative consequence. Eating spicy food can also lead to stomach ulcers. Spices can also cause GERD or acid reflux. Moderation is actually the key. Don’t overeat on hot foods especially when you’ve got a sensitive stomach. Acid reflux usually happens to fat individuals so if you are trying weight loss with hot food, you might want to think that over. Maybe you can go on the hot food diet for a type of supplement to some other weight loss plan rather than using it as your fundamental way of burning calories.

Besides acid reflux, spices may also irritate your digestive tract and mess up digestion. Too much spicy food may also wreak havoc on your sense of taste. Over time, you won’t have the ability to enjoy food in its natural condition.


If you are still undecided about going on the thought of weight loss with hot food, you might want to keep a few tips in mind before going on a curry overload.

Try to check your tolerance for spicy food in little amounts first. Make certain to put in just little amounts of it on your meals. As you go along, don’t hesitate to improve the servings depending on your taste. Remember not to eat a lot of it though since it was mentioned, hot food in massive amounts isn’t great for your stomach.