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Herbs are making their mark, lots people believe in the power of herbs and their benefits for health and wellness. Modern medicine hasn’t been so keen to have a look at herbal medicine and prefer to prescribe fabricated medications which are clinically researched and trialled.

Advantages Of Herbal Medicine Over Conventional Medicine

Organic herbal remedies are making their presence felt yet, though modern medicine doesn’t admit it or give it any credence. Of class we can agree that modern medicine has been quite helpful in the prevention and treatment of several diseases.

There are numerous ailments and conditions which were deadly hundreds of years ago and may now be treated with modern medicine. This helps increase the life span of many people now.

So most people opt for herbal remedies and although new regulations and laws are often passed to regress the development of herbal medicine there are those people that stull choose to treat themselves using complementary and natural remedies.

Disadvantage Of Modern Medicine

However there’s a side of modern medicine that also has to a confessed and this is these medicines are created in labs using artificial ingredients and frequently there are side effects to contend with.

Some side effects are often very harsh while some might be milder. These negative side effects would be the price to pay, while with herbal medicine there’s much less probability of this happening in any respect. There have been instances where in modern medication the side effects supersede the real advantages of the medication and can be very dangerous.

Herbal supplements medicine works on a more holistic level or targeting the cause and treating maybe more moderately but long term use has shown to provide superior results for many.

Statistics show that among the additional disadvantages of modern medicine is that many patients frequently experience complications die to several medications and these can often cause death. The other drawback is the cost, for many people in the developing world the purchase price of these medicines would be unaffordable. Millions of individuals can’t afford medical treatment and for that reason frequently lose their lives as they are not able to seek treatment.

One of the most debilitating truth about modern medicine over herbal medicine is that that it highlights the cure rather than prevention. This has resulted in the pharmaceutical sector become a multi-billion dollar market where earnings become more important than anything else. Herbal and other medicine believes in prevention and treating the cause instead of the symptoms.


While herbal supplements appear to become popular, even the beauty business is steering like that. These days many manufacturers are looking into herbs as their components because of their moral beauty products and skincare products. Even hair care has gone herbal with numerous new brands offering natural hair care products.