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The methods by which it can decrease blood pressure readings with no need for drugs are vast. Many physicians will automatically prescribe drugs immediately in an effort to reduce high blood pressure, apparently unaware of the many organic procedures that are available.

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Because of this it will most probably be left to the person to do a little research perhaps on-line or in the library to discover which natural remedies are most frequently used and that are most effective. I can’t stress enough however, before starting with any herbal remedies you MUST consult with your physician to make sure that used along side prescribed medication the mix is a secure one, also DO NOT stop taking prescribed medication unless your doctor has instructed you to do so.

The price of having to use prescription drugs all of the time is growing constantly and lots of individuals also suffer with quite unpleasant side effects. For these reasons the use of natural remedies to decrease blood pressure is becoming a place of great interest to a lot of high blood pressure sufferers. The selection of alternative remedies can be quite confusing so here are 6 that I’ve found to be most effective.


As part of a healthy, well balanced diet magnesium has been shown to help decrease blood pressure. It has additional benefits in that it also gives extra support to the nervous system and heart and assists in strengthening bones and teeth. It’s advisable that we intake 500mg daily. If this target isn’t sensible to obtain purely with your diet it is possible to receive magnesium in supplement form.


Once again this vitamin should be easily offered in a healthy diet but can be found in supplement form. It’s extremely important to ensure the correct functioning of the heart muscle as well as the nervous system.


This is an ingredient that many people use in cooking everyday without giving its health benefits much thought. It is however extremely successful in the helping reduce blood pressure. It works by lowering the chance of developing atherosclerosis there by decreasing the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Additionally, it enables the blood to keep the right viscosity and retains the circulatory system healthy. The one enormous disadvantage which garlic has is the odor that your are left with in your own breath. Because of this the possibility of cooking with increased quantities regularly is probably not too pleasing. There’s an easy solution however, garlic comes in supplement form that’s odour free! Additionally, it comes with an extra health advantage by increasing your consumption of garlic you can also decrease your chance of developing certain cancers.


Found mostly in the northern areas of Europe this plant is regarded as among the most useful and effective organic treatments to decrease blood pressure. Because of this you will find it is also among the most popular. This treatment is often given to individuals who have experienced a mild heart attack as it’s been shown to strengthen the heart muscle. The ideal use for hawthorn supplements nevertheless is to avoid heart disease instead of attempt to cure it.


High blood pressure is widely attributed to increased stress and stress levels which many people are put under in our everyday lives. A herb named Valeriana is an established remedy which could help in cases of this type. Valerian calms the nerves and there by helps to decrease the heart rate and quells the feeling of anxiousness. All this put together will help reduce blood pressure. Available in many forms this treatment can be taken as a tea or even the more traditional capsule.


It is an amino acid that’s found mainly in meat and foods that contain wheat. This helps to decrease blood pressure by keeping the circulatory system and ensuring that the cholesterol is kept within acceptable limits.


Hopefully these remedies will provide you some notion about what’s available and that they help to decrease blood pressure. I’ve only covered 6 of the most popular with proven track records. To lower your blood pressure anything is worth trying, just ask your physician first!