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A healthy and radiant skin is among the most wanted things, possibly by all girls!! If you’ve got it, you can’t hide it – but you will need to maintain it. The trick to a luminous skin is right there in your arm’s range. One can attain a healthy supple skin though a three-tier approach involving diet, exercise and appropriate cosmetics.

Guide to skin care

      • Water – beverage two to three litres of water daily to detoxify.
      • Have a rich diet full of vegetables, fruits. Increase the fiber content in your everyday diet. Avoid excessive refined sugar, sweets as it hurts collagen in your skin and makes it lose its elasticity.
      • Invigorate your lethargic lifestyle. Come on, get going!! Go to the gym or simply stretch.
      • Restrict intake of caffeine and alcohol.
      • Keep stress at bay.
      • Go for a daily skincare regime- i.e. cleanse, tone and moisturize.
      • Apply a moisturizer to hydrate skin. A homemade moisturizer is a combination of cucumber, juice and buttermilk.
      • Go for an exfoliation once a fortnight either in a professional salon, or at home. It helps eliminate dead cells and rejuvenate the skin via blood flow. Oatmeal combined with mashed apple is an excellent home wash
      • don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a SPF of minimum 15 at least 10 minutes prior to going from house. If you get a suntan, relieve yourself with a combination of curd and cucumber juice.
      • Use cosmetics based upon your skin type. Learn about your skin type first and then attempt commercial products.

Skin care isn’t as tough as it seems to be. Thus, the ABC of a stunning and luminous skin – balanced diet, hydration, cleansing and protecting it from sun and wind should be a part of your daily skincare regimen.

Herbal remedies for skin care

      • Water – Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to detoxify the body. It naturally hydrates the skin and provides that youthful vibrant appearance.
      • Curcuma: This is the fundamental grandma’s remedy – only apply fresh turmeric paste combined with curd and g flour on to your face. Your complexion clears up in a couple of days, as garlic is extremely good for skin health.
      • Tea extracts: it’s a natural antiseptic and is helpful for skin acne.
      • Neem, tulsi: Drop some neem leaves into your tub, and you’ll feel the difference in your skin in a couple of days. For those who have any external skin rash, infection, simply apply a paste of neem or basil leaves to heal up, since they have excellent anti-bacterial properties, clear up acne and pimples; and maintain the skin naturally moisturizes.
      • Sandalo paste: It soothes the skin, cools it and moisturizes it naturally.

Different skin types

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To avoid any type of skin problem, an individual needs to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water daily to maintain dry skin well hydrated. Along with it, eat a high quality healthy diet full of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts; get some exercise along with also the secret 8-hour sleep every day to receive a healthy skin.

      • Don’t expose yourself to sunlight too much, and to too much ac.
      • Reduce how many times you clean your face to maximum two times per day, and if possible use slightly tepid water.
      • Avoid alcohol and caffeine as they cause dehydration. Also don’t smoke, as smoking found the skin of oxygen and nutrients which makes it dry and flaky.
      • Avoid using a commercial highly perfumed soap. Instead, use non-detergent, neutral-pH products to cleanse your skin.
      • Massage your face each night before sleeping with a excellent hydrating moisturizer, and be generous in the areas surrounding the eyes.
      • For cracked skin on hands and toes, use a cream rich in vitamin E and aloe vera. Massage in well.

Oily skin

Oily skin is the least vulnerable, and it ages of all. The best thing to do would be to take measures to maintain the skin pores from being clogged and forming acne.

      • Follow the experts’ advice – wash your face two to three times each day with a excellent medicated soap, one, which works well with your skin.
      • It is ideal to use water based non-comedogenic merchandise that effortlessly and efficiently dissolves sebum.
      • Use an oil free moisturizer to keep a shine free complexion. Additionally, it will be helpful if you use tepid water to wash as it loosens the dirt easily.
      • Before applying make-up, use an antiseptic day lotion that comprises benzyl peroxide because it reduces sebaceous secretions.
      • Cetriolo juice works great on oily skin. Before employing make-up, rub it on the excessively fatty parts of your face and dry it completely.
      • it’s quite important that you definitely get rid of all make up before going to bed. Gram flour mixed with curd functions as an effective cleansing milk that cleans open pores.
      • Be careful about your diet when you have an oily skin! Go for a protein rich diet, but limited in salt and sugar. Take loads of leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. Reduce animal fat, fatty foods, alcohol and junk food.
      • It is recommended that you reduce consumption of iodized salt.
      • Don’t miss out on the 8-10 glasses of water every day to help keep the skin hydrated and to flush out toxins.
      • Exercise is also essential. Exercise functions bewitching on any skin as it promotes circulation, encourages blood circulation, and cleans the skin from inside.

Sensitive skin

This is a really unpredictable skin type, and one has to be extra cautious when dealing with it. Almost anything and everything can respond to it.

      • It is always recommended to use the simplest and purest products- color free, alcohol free, fragrance free and preservatives – a comprehensive no-no.
      • If using any new cosmetic, it’s extremely important that you patch test it on your skin a few times initially. The best parts are little areas like behind your ear or on palms. Go for it only if there’s absolutely no skin reaction.
      • Limit exposure to sunlight. While going out it’s very important to use a sun block since sensitive skin can easily get discoloured or age spots may appear. Use a sunscreen with just physical ingredients such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which deflects the UV rays instead of absorb them.
      • Try to use only natural or home made goods – they’re best. Fresh and natural!!
      • If you’ve got sensitive skin, keep skin clean constantly. Wash your face maximum two times per day using a natural pH balanced cleanser.
      • If going to a party, use only those makeup, which can be hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic.
      • Always use cosmetics that don’t contain many ingredients. The more the amount of components, the more the likelihood of it causing a response.
      • remember to drink loads of water to detox to making your skin glow.
      • Eat a well balanced diet that includes fresh fruits, green vegetables and nuts.
      • Daily exercise to get that radiant glow from within
      • While washing face, avoid steam or very hot water. Hot baths and steams lead to broken capillaries.