Pink and white colored Lily (Lilium) in bloom - flower, garden, plant

There are lots of varieties of exotic flowers to best suit any event. And needless to say, depending upon your personal preference, you might wish to pick the finest exotic flowers you can get to be the best blossoms, the most acceptable for your purpose they’ll be serving. For example: at a person’s funeral, you might wish to pick bouquet of flowers that the deceased could have adored. Here are some other examples (after all, these flowers are for joyful occasions in addition to the tragic ones.


The Chinese Musa blossom is a stunning example of the sorts of exotic flowers that are great for gardens or bouquets.


The exotic flower known as the Genus Calathea is at the Marantaceae family of plowers, but it differs from other genera. The Marantaceae family of exotic blossoms, where Maranta and Ctenanthe are included, are unbranched inflorescences cone-like clusters.

The calathea stems from tropical South America, Calathea, it’s about three hundred unique species. These flowers love the colour and humidity, they’re virtually all developed in much of the world only inside. These blossoms require full shade from sunlight. However, if they need to, they could deal with a little bit of morning sun. These exotic flowers need their dirt to be moist but well-drained soil, using a fertilizer is advised.

When, on the rare occasion these exotic flowers are grown outside–you need to make certain they are healthy, they need to be free of all pests and diseases. Some of calathea will perish midwinter, but will return again midsummer.


Cymbidium contains approximately forty-four species they’re located in the tropics of the older world. The elegant, large flowered kinds of cymbidiums come from the higher areas of the Himalayas, and they need to be kept in cool conditions so as to bloom well.


Dendrobium really has about one thousand unique species in their tremendous family, they’ve countess hybrids also. However, there are many diverse growing conditions for this sort of exotic flower. It’s advised that one determine from where in the world, and at what elevation their plant is accustom to, to be able to ascertain how to best take care of their plant.


Miltonia is Known as the Pansy Orchidea occasionally. There are approximately ten distinct sorts of species, and miltonias are located primarily in Brazil, so they’re warm-weather blossoms, and there are many hybrids with lovely fragrance, since the militona is such a fragrant flower to start with. These flowers will add a terrific sensory ambiance to their environment, because along with their odor they’re extremely pleasing to the eye.


Odontoglossum also has a vast assortment of species, roughly 0ne hundred and seventy-five. These exotic flowers originated in the hills of South America, as well as in higher altitudes and are utilised to wet clouded forests. Thus these terrific flowers have to be tended to under cool conditions, many hybrids exist too, so there are lots of kinds to select from.


It’s one of the most common exotic blossoms and there are roughly six hundred unique species in existence. They come in the tropics of the Americas, and few of them even grow in high altitudes, these must also be supervised under cooler conditions. Fortunately, the hybrids are more tolerant than the species, you’ll realize that this is true for many plants.


Paphiopedilum, the root word being Paphinia–that had been the greek Goddess that the Romans later named Venus. Around sixty species exist, coming from Asia India and New Guinea. You will find species with mottled leaved which will need to be stored in warm conditions. And the paphiopedilums which are plain leaved and solitary flowered require intermediate/cool conditions, and plain leaved multiflowered species need to have warm surroundings to survive.


Phalaenopsi, or the exotic flower that’s often called the Moth Orchid, comes from Java and the South Seas, the Philippines and Queensland Australia. Therefore, they are definitely warm weather growers, and they do prefer to be in the shade. Phalaenopsis would make the ideal houseplant, they are extremely free flowering and make great gifts.


Vanda has roughly fifty species. Several hybrids are derived from the tropics, Asia, and the orient–as far down as Australia. These hybrids take a warm environment which includes tons of bright light. Many folks hang them in their houses or gardens out of wooden baskets.

Water Lily

Water Lily and Lotus are a gorgeous touch to your pond, or waterfall etc.. Major cultivars of water lilies and lotuses–nearly all of which are hybridizers–research the best arenas in which to develop these exotic flowers.

Nymphaea and Nelumbo

The genera Nymphaea and Nelumbo are species of exotic blossoms, other genera in the waterlily family comprise Nuphar, Victoria, Euryale, Barclaya


Draecena (otherwise called the dragon’s tree) is an exotic flower that requires regular watering, nor does it require much light in any respect. It’s a sign of prosperity and power. These flowers may live around one thousand years. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend or relative who doesn’t have that much time for gardening, but would like to have a gorgeous garden, however small, and something exotic and tasteful to pass on for generations to come.

Anyone can add a striking touch of colour to their residence, or even the office with the elegant of wild exotic blossoms. Exotic plants and flowers add a gorgeous touch to any garden, house, patio or lawn, in addition to weddings, parties, banquets, and much more solemn occasions.