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When you come to discover that you’ve got genital warts and think “Why me, how could have this happened?” You ought to think back and ask yourself some of these questions. Then, you will know why it happened to you. If you aren’t careful, about whom you engaged in sexual activity with you’re opening the door for many germs and disease to come into you life.

So many questions

Did you use a condom during intercourse? If you did not, you’re increasing your chances of contracting the human papilloma virus HPV exponentially.

How many sexual partners have you had in the previous six months? If you had more then a few and you weren’t familiar with them a wonderful deal then maybe you caught it from one of them. Even if you don’t see signs of warts per month after being infected does not mean genital warts can not appear.

There are many men and women with the HPV and never know it because of the high immune system. This makes genital warts among the toughest STD’s to diagnose as you may not see symptoms for 3-4 weeks after the first infection. Therefore, you might impact your partners or spouse and not even know about, this makes warts on the genitals the most frequent kind of STD.


Treatment of genital warts will differ from topical creams to operation. Before you select which sort of treatment, you may undergo it’s better to seek the help from a physician. He or she’ll explain to you in detail exactly what the disadvantages/advantages of operation and topical lotions are.

Laser treatment is among the most common and effective procedures to help kill your warts. This might be an alternative of you exercised topical remedies with unsuccessful outcomes. Laser surgery can be costly, depending on the number of genital warts you’ve got and how big they are. You may expect minor scarring and the recovery process could take some time. Even with that being said, laser surgery is a viable alternative for many.

Cryotherapy will freeze the warts using liquid nitrogen. This system is safe with virtually no side-effect after the first therapy.

Another method you may consider is something named Electrodessication. This treatment means the viral warts are electrocuted. With all electrocutions, there’s profuse smoking after the procedure and uses a local anesthetic. Electrodessication burns without operation.


Whichever method you select, please do it fast. The longer you wait the harder it is to kill your warts on the surface. The virus will always stay beneath your skin but that does not mean genital warts will keep reappearing all of the time. For a lot of people, this issue might be an embarrassing topic to talk about with your physician or your partner. It’s advisable to not put these things on hold for too long as you may face some serious help problems if you wait to get treatment.