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Candida and weight gain are like magnets to get some Candida overgrowth sufferers. If you’re experiencing the symptoms of yeast in your intestines, and you are also putting on more fat than you want to do then this report will explain why, and explain what you can so to reverse the consequences of these two health difficulties.


Candida overgrowth in your body will enable you to suffer with sugar cravings. You may already realize that you’re suffering from such cravings, or you think that you’re really enjoying sugar right now. The reality is, the yeast infection in your intestines is causing the sugar cravings since the Candida yeast loves sugar as much as you do, and their love of the vacant, innutritious food makes you desire it more.

When you are eating the sugar or any sugar based food your feeding the Candida as far as you’re feeding yourself. This means your body has been deprived of something it’s craving that forces you to consume more. You’ve got a cycle building of, you consume more, you feed the Candida longer, so the yeast multiplies longer and mutates longer, then you crave more sugar so that you eat more sugar. While this is happening you are putting on weight, losing your energy that also causes you to desire more sugar, and a whole load more symptoms will gradually effect your life.

Candida Yeast

The Candida yeast that’s infecting you has mutated to a parasite, and this fungus won’t cease, and if allowed to, it will ruin your health. In worst case scenarios the victim will get bed-ridden since the Candida fungus will fully drain a wholesome body of energy by pumping it full of toxins.

Cutting sugar and sugar based foods out of your diet is the first thing you want to do in order to starve the yeast in your system. Starving the yeast will make it much easier to kill herbal anti fungals. Herbal anti fungals are required as any medication based anti fungals will upset your body’s bacterial and chemical balance over it already is, and this will improve the environment for the Candida to multiply .

Depending on the intensity of your Candida overgrowth you are likely going to suffer with yeast die off. This will cause you to feel worse than you do now, and you will likely think your intestinal yeast infection is getting worse. This isn’t true, and you’ll feel worse due to the toxins out of the deceased Candida are now getting into your blood in addition to the toxins in the Candida that are still living.

Restauration program

Repopulating your intestines with friendly bacteria is a huge part of your restoration program. These bacteria will help your body fight off the Candida, and they’ll also fortify your immune system. Your new diet full of nutritious foods will also boost your immune system, and your immune system will stop the Candida re-infecting you once you have ceased your anti Candida protocol.


How well you adhere to a rigorous protocol will determine the rate in which you successfully heal yourself. Most victims of intestinal yeast infections which are accompanied by sugar craving and weight gain get specialist assistance. Getting help can be the difference of healing your body in weeks or a few months to trying on your own for more than a year. One mistake on your program can cause your advancement to go backward.