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There are lots of cases of hair loss treatment for women, but what causes the hair loss in the first location. Several things can cause hair loss in women, one such case is Autoimmune Disorder.

Hair Follicles

People that are diagnosed with this disease often suffer baldness as the immune system of the victim will see hair follicles as a foreign thing. As the hair follicles die, hair loss occurs. In addition, we know that anxiety and even smoking may affect the development of your hair.

Thyroid malfunction, pregnancy, illness, operation and any exposure to radiation may also result in hair loss. However, hormonal imbalance appears to be among the most common ways that girls begin to lose their hair. In women, diminished levels of this hormone, estrogen that could occur during the menopause, can affect the development of hair, and this imbalance may affect the flow of protein into the hair follicles.

Once this occurs, the follicles will begin to shrink and die. Once hormonal imbalance is there, it’s nearly impossible for new hair growth. There are lots of means to overcome permanent baldness so let’s take a look at a few ways we can begin to repair the issue.

Treatment For Women

This strategy deals with fixing baldness from inside. This is a fantastic place to start as any outside treatment could be wasted if we’re not treating ourselves first.

Eating organic food

Organic food is food in it’s raw form. Unfortunately in this modern world we tend to consume food products, not real food itself. Food product are products made of raw food. For instance, fish cakes rather than fish. This is where the food is processed and as will all processed foods, we also get additives which might not be doing us a great deal of good.

Examples of Raw food: Fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, peas, whole grains etc.. Natural foods which don’t contain chemicals or artificial additives or toxins. Steer clear of unhealthy foods that can lead to hormonal imbalance and begin to proceed to healthy organic foods. Now I understand organic food is more expensive but you can’t actually put a price on good health can you?

Getting the food mixture right

Besides eating more “Raw” foods, we also must get a moderate intake of carbohydrates, protein and dairy. And of course as little fat and sweetly things as you can. Most of us have to eat some fats, but there are several kinds of fats. I believe a good deal people also consume way too many calories in our diet and exercise way too small. This leads us nicely into

Exercise and Relaxation

Even if you’re following a nutritious diet plan, you still must exercise and rest properly. If the body is in a permanent state of imbalance, we can’t expect our hair to grow normally. If you are experiencing baldness, a fantastic night’s sleep followed by exercise and healthy eating may go a long way to aid in return to normal.


Always check first with your local doctor before taking vitamin supplements. Although most supplements are harmless, large intakes of certain vitamins can be extremely harmful and will affect baldness in a negative manner.

Some supplements can help but bear in mind that any vitamin consumption via capsule form might not actually be doing much to assist. Minerals taken in liquid form are perhaps more effective than capsules, hence vitamins taken in powdered form are also more effective than capsules.

Enjoying your life.

This is pretty clear, I know, but the more you smile and the happier you are, the less will fail with you. I know most of us have a whole lot of stress in our lives and things will always go wrong but it is not necessarily what happens to us that counts, it is often how we cope with this. If you’re constantly down and look on the gloomy side of life then your body and health will follow that trend.

If you want better health then laugh and enjoy your life more, after all, life is meant to be savoured.

Helping Your Hair Externally

Any hair loss treatment for women would not be complete unless it involved outside help also. What we would like to do this is to stimulate the hair growth and promote the fast and secure development of new hair.

Routine cleaning of your hair can help. Use the most suitable brush, do not keep pulling at your hair. Massage your scalp, this may promote hair growth through regular stimulation of the scalp. Be careful of what you place on your hair, watch out for products that contain ammonia. Use natural and organic hair products.


When looking at any hair loss treatment for women, consider all your options and remember to care for the interior too. You’re worth it.