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There are numerous benefits of alternative medicine over modern medicine, that I would like to spend a few moments looking at possible reasons why those are kept so well hidden, at least in the public eye.

Can you believe all you read?

If that you should hear the media of the so called ‘free’ (western) world, you could be forgiven in thinking that there’s not any scientific proof for, let alone benefits of alternative medicine. You would be convinced that modern medicine was the thing to do. But, based on Reporters Without Borders, the so called ‘free’ world does not have free press.

Economic prosperity really makes us less free. How? Well, one example is if a booming company spends millions of dollars advertising in say, a newspaper, the editors will be very reluctant to publish anything controversial about said business.

Next time you open your newspaper or switch on a radio or TV channel with advertisements, have a look at the biggest advertisers.

That may provide you some idea why alternative medicine isn’t as popular as you would expect from the recorded effects. There’s a saying that all truth goes through three stages: It is ridiculed, then it is violently opposed and finally it is accepted as being self evident.

7 Advantages of Alternative Medicine

So lets take a look at a few of the benefits of alternative medicine. As my experience lies with homoeopathy, I’m likely to be focusing on this, but a few of the reasons will apply to other alternative remedies also.


Substances or components of ‘complexes’ are readily available, so that you may even develop some of your own medications, letting you keep control of the entire procedure. No secrecy or patents!

Cost effective

This means they are usually affordable by even the most financially endangered families.

No side effects.

This is because alternative medicine works WITH the body, not in suppressing symptoms, as modern medicine does.

Generally ‘green’

By I mean that they use natural materials processed only. No high tech manufacturing processes which use hazardous and polluting substances or carbon polluting energy.

Allow for expansion

Alternative medicines do not just heal ailments. In the procedure, they allow for expansion. In homoeopathy we see kids putting on a growth spurt as soon as they recover from a naturally treated disease. This does not occur with a medically treated disease. Rather, it seems to hold back the child.

Mental and emotional signs

Alternative medicine recognizes that physical symptoms only develop when you dismiss the mental and emotional signs and symptoms. Which allows you the freedom to address these issues as they arise, and so never develop physical symptoms.

Recognizes the true nature of disease and illness

Alternative medicine recognizes the true nature of disease and illness. That it is essential for a growing child to experience as this experience enables the immune system to grow into a healthy one by maturity. It’s somewhat like learning how to ride a bicycle. You have to practice before you may ride properly.


When you are able to fully grasp the benefits of alternative medicine, it blows off your socks off. No longer are you currently kept in a state of fear by what could happen. Instead, you understand your immune system will work well for you, and that when it struggles, you may know.

No more scare mongering of impending pandemics for you! Because you’re now in charge of your life and your health, and because you’re fully aware of the benefits of alternative medicine, you can be at peace with the world.