Group of fresh ripe lemon in sackcloth on an old vintage wooden table

Lemon is our very best bodyguard. Start your day with lemon water as it helps to reduce our body weight. It’s a natural, cheaper, healthier and calorie free beverage. But we prefer to have unhealthy aerated beverages which frequently lead to weight gain.


      • It can help to keep our skin soft, smooth, and glowing.
      • It can help to decrease appetite as it comprises a chemical that prevents us from feeling hungry.
      • The acid in the lemons aids in cleansing process and release toxins from our body.

Lemon tea

It is a magic beverage. It assists hydration, helps the body to fight against diseases, and assist in weight loss and maintenance.

      • It will help to lighten the skin colour over a time period.
      • It aids in reducing blackheads.
      • It’s the best treatment for common cold.
      • Apply lemon juice in your face so as to have a pimple free skin.
      • It’s a powerful aid in removing oil and coffee stains.
      • Frequent use of nail paint for polishing their nails can makes your nail yellowing. Soak your nails in lemon juice and dip it into a mix of Luke warm water and vinegar for ten minutes. It not only whitens your nails, but also helps to strengthen your nails.
      • Drinking a glass of warm water using few drops of lemon juice before breakfast can get rid of the problem of constipation.
      • After shampooing, give final rinsing to your hairs with two tablespoons of lemon juice added to 2 cups of water. It makes your hair healthy, shinning, and dandruff free.

Lemon juice

It also helps to keep your house and kitchen ant-free, as ants don’t like the odor of lemon and would go away.

      • You may stop your rice from sticking while cooking by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice .
      • Rubbing the paste of lemon juice and baking soda in your aluminium pans to have it shined.

With White Vinegar

Lemon juice when combined with white vinegar will help to eliminate underarm stains from shirts, and blouses.

      • You may lighten, smooth, and soften your elbows by applying lemon juice onto it.
      • It’s effective in stopping the bleeding for those who have a cut due to antibacterial properties.
      • Massage your achy feet and hands using a combination of lemon juice and olive oil will supply you a terrific relief. Additionally, it will make your skin soften.
      • It is also helpful to remove scars and lightens freckles.
      • Lemons are abundant source of vitamin C. It’s the most common vitamins full of nutrients having numerous health benefits. It’s essential for humans to keep a great health.
      • Vitamin C will help reduce high blood pressure thereby reducing the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
      • It’s also required for getting healthy teeth and gums.
      • It assists in rapid healing of wounds.
      • It’s required to form a tissue which helps to hold the cells together.
      • Dip the sliced apple cider juice won’t turn brown, as vitamin C from the lemon could slow down the rate of oxidative damage.
      • It plays a very important role in proper functioning of vital organs of the body.
      • It’s a great absorber of iron.
      • It will help to decrease stress level.
      • It’s vital nutrient needed for the growth and repair of body tissues.

A study has indicated that girl who drinks daily a liter of water , during one year; shed 4 kilograms with no other work.

The necessary amount of the vitamin is 90mg daily for men and for women is 75mg daily. People who smoke need more vitamin C than non-smokers. Their requirement is 100mg daily.

People with normal and elevated levels of vitamin C have higher opportunities to survive a disease or heart issues. They have a longer life span than individuals with low levels.