Nutritious chia seeds on a wooden spoon, superfood

What exactly are Chia seeds and what would be the Chia seeds side effects? Chia seeds come from a plant of the mint family which mainly grows in certain parts of the United States as well as Mexico. These seeds serve as food and brewed to make a beverage commonly known as “chia.” The scientific name is Salvia Columbariae. Salvia Columbariae is grown especially for its seeds.


These seeds were an important portion of the Aztecs diet in addition to native Americans for several decades Chia seeds have been used during ancient times because of their vast protein material and their great source of energy. These seeds are extremely flexible but are very small in size. Some folks eat them in their natural, raw state as unprocessed seeds or as elements in beverages and food. Many combine them into water that eventually becomes a gel that can be eaten just like jello or inserted into foods and beverages to be eaten or drunk.

Chia seeds side effects

They have been studied and have shown both positive and negative side effects. The positive side effects are:

      • They’re a terrific source of vital nutrients. For instance, they have a great number of soluble fiber, magnesium, calcium and Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. They’re also high in lipids, antioxidants yet very low in sodium.
      • These lovely Chia seeds are extremely easy to digest and may be used in or on virtually anything. Since these seeds are extremely mild tasting to almost tasteless, they can easily be sprinkled on salads, in health drinks, in soups, etc.. They could be integrated into any dish or drink that you want which makes it very kid friendly.
      • Keeping these nutrient elements in mind, including them in your diet may increase energy levels substantially. They’re an ideal source of diet supplementation of energy with the fat.
      • As an effective aid to healthy weight loss, they can’t be beat. They are fiber dense that helps to slow metabolized carbs which could help curb ones appetite and has been demonstrated to assist weight loss when combined with a balanced and nutritious diet.
      • Anyone experiencing energy sapping kind of illnesses like cancer and such can also use Chia seeds for energy reinforcement.
      • These seeds are amazing for lowering ones blood pressure which makes it a excellent alternative food supplement for folks that suffer from cardiovascular disease or stroke.
      • Making Chia seeds a staple in your diet is a fantastic way to control your glucose levels especially if you’re a diabetic because they slow down the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar. This is why these seeds can be a helpful aid in the management of diabetes.
      • However, not all the benefits of consuming these seeds are virtuous. There’s another side to it all. There can be negative side effects, as follows:
      • Since they could greatly reduce blood pressure, those who have low blood pressure might want to shy away from swallowing them.
      • Chia seeds might not be for everybody but they’re amazing for most. There have been studies which show how Chia seeds may trigger allergic reactions in certain people. For this reason, an individual should exercise caution when consuming these seeds or if using them as an additive in certain foods and beverages.
      • Since they have a great number of soluble fiber they could create excessive bloating and consequentially, flatulence for some people.


The health benefits are plentiful. Chia seeds can lower blood pressure, control blood glucose levels and the best benefit is they contain enormous nutritional elements to keep a wholesome diet. If you’re trying to boost energy levels, control your glucose levels, blood pressure, and control your weight give them a go. However, if you suffer from hypertension or are allergic to anything, check with your doctor about the Chia seeds side effects and how they may or may not apply to you.