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Pregnancy is three trimesters on a enormous hormonal roller coaster. For many women, these changes in hormones can bring blessed relief from migraines, particularly in the second and third trimester. But for many others, the hormonal changes of pregnancy may be the trigger that causes migraines.

Is there help?

So what is a girl to do to find headache relief pregnant? Yes! You have a selection of options. But before trying any of these, visit your physician to talk about which option is perfect for you and your baby. Also, if your migraine headache is accompanied by fever, blurred vision, lasts for hours or returns often, see your doctor immediately.

The first and easiest thing you can do to stop a migraine headache while pregnant is to prevent migraine triggers. The most common causes are chocolate, caffeine, foods containing monosodium glutamate, cheeses and processed meats. A healthy, balanced diet during pregnancy is achievable even when avoiding these foods. If chocolate is a compulsory food group in your pregnancy, you can give yourself a chocolate trial to find out if it’s the culprit. If it isn’t. . .INDULGE!


The next thing you can do is RELAX! Slow down for a few minutes daily and have a rest from the pressures of your life. Lying down in a quiet area and deep breathing can do wonders to bring down stress levels. If this is your first pregnancy, then make the most of this time as you do not have other children to take care of. . .let others do for you, and say YES to all offers of assistance.

Regular exercise has been shown effective in migraine relief. Exercise is not just an outstanding tension reducer, but in addition, it increases blood flow and oxygenation in the body, helps rid your body of toxins, helps you sleep better and promotes endomorphins, your body’s natural pain fighters, among other things. Thirty minutes of moderate exercise every day can go a long way towards long term relief from migraine pain. Do it all in one shot, or split it up into smaller 10 minute sections, whichever works best for your program.

Natural ways

Many natural or alternative options can provide migraine headache relief pregnant. There are a range of medicine free choices which may be extremely effective in relieving migraine pain. Massage and/or aroma-therapy are two good medication-free alternatives. Essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood and peppermint are a particularly effective headache cure and can be diluted in water (5 drops in a bowl of water) and implemented on a compress to the neck, or used in a massage oil. Massage to the feet or the web of skin between the thumb and first finger are powerful stress points for headache pain relief.

Alternating hot and cold compresses relieves migraine pain in many women. For many, plunging ones hands into a basin of warm water is useful. Others find relief from a cloth-wrapped ice pack placed directly on the site of the pain, or to the back of the throat. Hot packs placed on the back or stomach may also divert the flow of blood from the head and extend relief.

There are lots of herbal supplements than have been proven to be safe and effective for preventing, treating or reducing migraine pain. The most common herbs for migraines include peppermint, feverfew, fire flower, gingko, cayenne pepper and butterbur. Like with prescription drugs, check with your doctor about the safety of using any of these supplements while pregnant. Being an herb doesn’t automatically ensure it’s safe to take while pregnant. Many of these herbs have powerful medicinal qualities and have to be removed before taking while pregnant.


So what is the best way to accomplish headache relief pregnant? As you can see, there are various remedies and treatment options you may try if you’re having migraines or severe headaches while pregnant. Feel free to experiment with food modifications or some of the home remedies advocated above all on your own, but consult your doctor before trying any medicines or herbal remedies. With a little experimentation and fortune, you’ll discover the perfect mix of methods to relieve your migraine pain while pregnant and pamper yourself a little in the procedure!