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Most of the anxiety medications have side effects, cause dependence or just don’t work. As a consequence of this there are a whole lot of individuals who prefer to use natural herbal medicines because of their non toxic, non-addictive and secure nature. Some of the best herbs for anxiety include karva karva, chamomile, ginseng and catnip to mention a few.

Karva karva

The herb called karva karva is ready naturally with the roots of crops. It has been demonstrated that karva karva is very helpful in reducing stress and high levels of anxiety. This has been shown scientifically also. Within per week of taking this herb regularly it shows positive effects upon the person. Please keep in mind however, there are a few reports of liver injury from those overdosing on karva.


Chamomile is another helpful herb and this comprises specific substances which are useful in relaxing most regions of the brain. This herb may be used to control insomnia and releases stress. There are two varieties to pick from and these are German chamomile and Roman chamomile.


Ginseng is another herb that’s good for anxiety and it’s called an anti anxiety and stress herb. Ginseng reduces anxiety together with helping to improve psychological equilibrium.


Catnip belongs to the mint family of herbs and it’s extremely useful when it comes to relieving anxiety, nervousness, and insomnia. This is also a excellent remedy for those seeking to eliminate dark circles under their eyes.

St Johns Wort

St Johns Wort is a classed as anti-depressant herb as it has qualities that could reduce the degree of depression that someone is experiencing. This herb has been used to decrease stress and anxiety.


Bugleweed is a herb that’s able to supply a cool calming effect and helps to alleviate tension in nerves. As a result muscles become relaxed and the individual gets a fantastic sleep.

Valerian root

Valerian root is another herb that has been demonstrated to be helpful at reducing stress, anxiety, and psychological disturbances. Many physicians from all over the world are now accepting and recommending these herbs for stress when traditional anxiety medicines fail.